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  1. Funny how nobody talking in here now lol but yo make sure u guys get alot of rest tonight and I will see you all tomorrow best of luck to all #Day1 💪💪💪🙏🙏
  2. Yes bro I go in friday!!! 😀 How was it today? Hows was the lung test?
  3. Na soup I dont smoke or anything like that ... man idk what I did lol
  4. Good stuff bro 💪 what date do you go next week?
  5. When you say “Won’t be going out into the field for a while because most of the certification classes are behind” does that mean it might take longer for us to get hired . I took drug test, waiting for whats next
  6. Anybody hear anything about when we go for medical ?
  7. U start off with a couple of days 2 or 3. After 1 year you get 2 weeks. You get Paid for your birthday , everytime you work on a holiday you get 1 extra paid day off. You can also bank your overtime . (Save overtime that you have worked and use the overtime hours you have saved to take days off) ex. If you have 8 hours of overtime in the bank you can use it to take a day or if you have 40 ot hours in the bank you can take a week. 👍🏼
  8. Shit I must be a “Genius” , my list number is somewhere between 1-10 lol 🤑
  9. How do you even get a list # ? Is it based on something or random?
  10. So when do you think we will have to go back for medical??
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