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  1. I think eventually it’s all times of the day/night, at least I'm pretty sure that's what the rep at pre-orientation said.
  2. Agree w/ Mr. Marta, just unsure if you can hold another job while in training - during orientation the rep stated school will be all hours of the day/night, similar to real job once hired (part of the reason I may have to defer for now)
  3. Take the promotion and leave when called for.the MTA. The MTA is a career and you'll never look back.
  4. I'm in the high 300’s and have not been called in for the medical (if this helps)
  5. Thanks for the info - did she say how long you have to put yourself back on the list? I went in for my preemployment and might have to defer when called for the medical as well.
  6. Unsure anyone would know the answer but, who has the better pension? Sanitation or conductor/MTA? Or the same?
  7. Same here, I won't be able to start anytime soon because of basic scheduling conflict with my wife, picking up my daughter from school, and personal issues with mother taking her to appts, etc. during the orientation/before drug test the lady stated our work schedules will be all over the place and I'm having trouble right now figuring out who's going to pick up daughter on a consistent basis in case I can't be there. List number high 300's and i might to defer as well. Any info on deferring would be greatly appreciated
  8. It's memory based and then they show you a bunch of pics and ask you what's happening in the pic. The only advice I would give is go into tomorrow with good rest and a clear head. You will need to focus. You should be fine.
  9. I was there this morning and although they mentioned we would be for the June class, I have a hard time believing it. There were quite a few people there today. Of course I could be wrong. I did not have my HS diploma and they said bring it or an official document from H.S. next time. i arrived 700am, left 11:15 am.
  10. I am in the high 300's and going in on Wednesday
  11. This might be a silly ? but what we're most people wearing? My letter makes it seem like I am meeting with someone on an interview, and the description you just gave is more just filling out papers, waiting for number to be called, drug test, done. i only ask because I have to go straight to work after and if I can wear work clothes (medical scrubs) I would. Also, did they specify anything? was it held against people if they missing one of the documents required? (Having trouble finding HS diploma) Thank you!
  12. Hello Everyone, new here but been following this thread. My list number is in the high 300's and asked to come in on Wed for preemployement. I took the OPA in November and just received the pre employment letter, followed by the opa test results on Saturday. The letter stated "Pass" - no numeric score. Unsure what comes after pre employment on Wed but according to this thread they are asking 65 people to take the first class. Anyway, if anyone has any questions I'll try to help as best as I can.
  13. Hello kellgh, what did they tell you? Are you beginning a class, did they hire you? i am going in Wednesday. Also, was there an option to postpone taking the class? I have lots of things with family going on atm, would be tough to jump into a class right away. Thank you!
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