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  1. You choose but it’s split in half. If there’s 40 people it’s 20 each and if there’s 20 people before u and they all pick the A division automatically u go to the b..u choose the 2nd day
  2. There’s no conductor on that train
  3. I didnt get to choose. It’s by seniority so if everyone chooses one division before u, you’re stuck in the next one but it does not really matter we will all be all over the city.
  4. It will be all day. I came at 7 and didn’t leave until 5. Everything happens that day and you have many other people there including mta workers so it’s a process.
  5. Woohoo just got final processing email to come Tuesday. List #114*
  6. I have gone 2 times..last time was November 11** ...
  7. Nice. I’m number 11** so I’m 🙏🏾🙏🏾
  8. I don’t understand how you guys leave so late. I got there at 7am for my first PE in June for the conductor position and left around 11 and I went in for the TO PE last week and left at like 11:15
  9. Niceee I’m 115* hopefully I’m in the next batch.
  10. There is a January 27th class but nothing set in stone after that. I’m in the 115* range as well. The lady said we may not make the January class but if she gets an approval by the end of December to hire more then there will be other classes.
  11. Do you have a degree? When I went, not everyone had a high school diploma. He took the degree if that’s what they brought. To go to college you obviously need a high school diploma or ged. I was surprised he accepted the degree.
  12. She said IF she gets an approval to hire more by the ending of December. She did not say that it’s certain there will be a class after January 27. I was there today.
  13. I went to pre employment on Friday and there was someone there with 15xx so everyone really needs to stop assuming and just be patient. My list number is 1146. The next class is for August 13th and whoever was there for pre employment was told to check their email between 3-90 days for medical..
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