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  1. All they said was that I have to go and asked to be placed back on the list. But, the way she sounded was real condescending, like I have to chance to ever get back on.
  2. For those of you who are looking to defer, don't do what I did. I went in today to do the medical, with every intention of deferring to the next class. I went to every counter they sent me to and asked what I needed to do, no one could give me an answer, all they would do is just give me a nasty look and rush me to do more paperwork. Spent all day there again, and finished my medical. When I went to hand in my stuff, I asked the lady at the counter, again, what do I need to do to defer. She had no answer, and decided to finally ask someone who was in charge for conductors. When that lady came in, she looked at my paperwork and asked why I bothered to do the pre-employment, and the medical, if I wasn't planning on starting on the 22nd. -__- I told her that I asked every single station I had visited, even the doctors who check you out, and no one could give me an answer, and just rushed me to do more paperwork. Turns out, when you came in for pre-employment, all you had to do was just decline the offer, and be done with it. You then would have to go to the DCAS building in manhattan and essentially put yourself back on the list for the conductors list. If you happen to have finished medical like I did, it's good for 90 days. She told me that I should come in, sometime in the first or second week of may to put myself back on the list and that I might still not be able to get on the next class rotation, but it's what I would have to do. Good luck guys!
  3. Woah, seriously!? I didn't think they would be so accommodating, especially when trying to jump ship to another job.
  4. My main reason for wanting to defer the time is because I'm waiting for the results from the FDNY exam to come out. Don't want to leave my current job to then start over from the bottom at the MTA and then have to start over again at the bottom from the FDNY. And I don't feel like the MTA would play so nice with giving out days off to new guys.
  5. Im list number 55. Wasn't expecting to score so low. Ideally, I'd like to start at the June class or even one after that. Would like to use the PTO at my current job before Im gonna be stuck working the shifts at the MTA.
  6. Are you able to defer your start date? All I got left is the medical which is on Wednesday. But i was not expecting the April 22nd start date. If you can defer, what's the process for it, and how long can you hold out till?
  7. I was there today, and I know exactly who you're talking about. :-P You got lucky, I left at 4p.m. I was like the only vet there and they didn't know how to do my paperwork. So, I had to wait an extra 2 hours in that giant room, and then another 2 hours for the drug test.
  8. I just got the letter that tells me to go in for the pre-employment process. The problem is, I got the letter today and the appointment was for today. Does anyone know who I should contact or what I should do next?
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