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  1. Hey fellas what are we at as far as list numbers? Anyone want to share round about list # of recent class if you are in it?
  2. My list number is 2,0XX , i see people in mid 1800s getting called for PE. Should i expect PE before end of year?
  3. What is your list number and congrats!
  4. Awesome to see people getting called and one step closer to a career! CONGRATS and good luck!! Does anyone have a round about list number for the Pre-Employment ??
  5. what list number are you? so i can have an idea of where they will be for april class
  6. What is the difference between NYCT bus and MTA bus company
  7. also keep us updated for whoever gets or starts to receive pre-employment letters so we can gear when we should be expecting this kind of mail. trying to avoid the problem of not receiving the mail like some other candidates had experienced unfortunately before and so we have time to get down to Livingston in the worst case scenario.
  8. Keep us posted when you hear anything! good luck!
  9. just called DCAS and it seems they updated the system. Last appointed was 1,041.
  10. Checked over answers with proposed answers, came up with 1 wrong answer on the memory. looking at a 98.33. 59 out of 60 correct. hopefully they get moving on this. my girlfriends brother got hired last month off 7612 exam and said they are calling people like crazy so hopefully this gets established ASAP and start process. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! now we wait lol
  11. Hey All! I gave a call to DCAS today and the information they gave to me is as follows: Last appointed: 898 Last certified 3,153 I do believe that these numbers may be old especially the appointees. I feel they have appointed more by reading and following this forum.
  12. When you say early thousands like 1,0XX or like 1,1XX or higher?
  13. Im saying im waiting on pre employment i know they got up too 1600 with that but if they have a class next month and the next couple months i should get called for paper work soon since my number is 203*
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