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  1. Hey guys so I just want to update the forum. so this week we had our yard practical majority of us or I think all of us A&B division. Tomorrow we have fire school my class does at least, next week we will start posting in the A division we got our posting schedule today. But I wanted to update everyone with conversations that my class was having with the TSS of our group and from every other TSS and supervisor that I have spoke to has confirmed that there is an absolute hiring freeze as of right now. All the TSS said that they are all being pulled from school car after this conductor class and they just recently within the past two weeks Put in a train operator class a small one and after the train operator class they said for at least RTO there won’t be any hiring in the near future. this is not to discourage anyone and I have not seen anything on paper but this is what all the TSS and all other supervisors including a superintendent has said that will be going on. I just would like to keep the forum in the loop of what I hear just as other members have done for me in the past and I appreciate everyone with their input and any news that they here so I just returning the favor. Good luck to everyone and be patient it will come
  2. Definitely will! Appreciate that 🙌🏼
  3. @Schecter tmw the tss said its our first quiz of ch. 1 lol on the rules what did they ask mainly for if you remember hahaa like what rules did they ask about mainly the TSS mentioned to know 2d specifically but that was it
  4. Ive seen on the list during induction this week some classmates were in 2100 range. @jaison
  5. Exactly, and you basically are on a phone call with the audio from the zoom
  6. Hahaa yeah they give the call in options on your phone too tho but yeah ill have my dress shirt and lounge shorts on lol have to remember to not stand up unless i cover the camera 😂
  7. Class has approx 32 conductors. Today was 7-3, tmw we have a zoom meeting at home 8-4, Wednesday/thursday 7-3, Friday 7-7 because we have a safety course from 330-7 then starting next week for everyone its is 330-1130.
  8. Hahaa! I ordered the cats but wide width lol thank you once again @Schecter & @EAS you got that email about the zoom orientation for Tuesday? Lol gonna be in a dress shirt with lounge shorts from 8-4 in my dining room 😂🤣
  9. @Schecter okay great and the steel toe isnt uncomfortable?
  10. AND how Should i order as far as sizes cause it says order 2 sizes smaller but that sounds crazy if im a 10 1/2 and need to order 8 1/2 ?
  11. @Schecter hey what boots should i order on the website any recommendations? They give so many lol
  12. Yes! I got sworn in and start Monday as well! Super excited for this journey with you all and @EAS it was awesome to finally put the face to the name. Im anxious, nervous but so f**kin excited for monday! i have a question, for the pants we have to wear for now until uniforms come, like dickie dark navy pants good? And what if there are like side pockets on them that okay? also, im gonna buy like 30$ boots for now until we get the ones we order it says 3/4 business days
  13. Checking in. How did today go? Anyone get finger printed and ID today and get start date?
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