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  1. Who is taking the s&d overview test on the 19th ? How are you doing with the material so far ?
  2. I didn’t think about it that way breaking them down I’ll try that tomorrow when I hit the material again I was just making a cheat sheet for each signal ... my test is June 19th
  3. i had the signals down its just the word for word verbatim part thats killing me
  4. do anyone care to share what signals and definitions was on there s&d test ?
  5. Congrats to everyone who passed the S&D I know remembering this material wasn’t easy
  6. Congrats by the way I hope Im prepared In time to take the test I made some flash cards and reading everyday this is a new language for me .
  7. How long did it take for you to finish the s&d test
  8. What was some of your tricks you used to remember the material
  9. This material that they give you for the s&d is no joke I feel like I’m learning a whole different language right now
  10. Thank you @Two2Go that don’t sound to bad at all.
  11. Can someone shed some light on what to expect on the day of the S&D overview
  12. Can someone share the S&D overview material I would like to get an idea on what to look forward to
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