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  1. what about the people who went In for pre employment? how did that go??
  2. any update on this process the pass pre screening I have a few that I applied and they all say pass pre screening
  3. It's like training they give the books about the rules and so on and you just gotta pass them
  4. I saw this open up today or yesterday but according to them you have take a book examinations first and if u fail then that's it it's not like the train operator or conductor where you take the first test get your list number then get call then take the exams with the signals and so forth
  5. Anymore updates on those who went for the pre employment phase
  6. Mine says the same thing passed pre screening Is there a direct number to contact them ??
  7. hey what's up everyone I just wanna know what's the latest number they called for the oral exam, (memorization exam) thanks
  8. I took the 8600 exam Just want to know what's the list number they are up too on this exam How far are they up.on the 3600 list number ?? Thanks
  9. How does the notice come for the opa In the mail or email
  10. Am list number 77## also and didnt take no OPA exam ?? Am so confused
  11. So the person who has 77## list number that's nice its going that fast But am also 77## list number but no opa exam yet ?? I need help????
  12. I got letter in the mail score 80 and list number 73## damm would be a while All we have to do is continuing living life and you never know Stay positive folks
  13. Hey everyone just for my record what's the OPA latest list number being called in ?? And what's the list number for Pre employment going in ??
  14. Hey everyone I just wanna know what is the latest list number going in for OPA?? And what is the latest list number going in for pre employment???? Thanks everyone My list number is 77##
  15. Quick question has the list for this exam been establish yet?? its been over 3 to 4 years already I never got my results in the mail
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