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  1. PAT and Medical was last week, haven't gotten another email yet. How long till you got your results?
  2. Should be straight forward, I don't think you can actually study for it. It will most likely be just some reading comprehension.
  3. Hey for those that took the PAT are these boots okay? https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01LW2FK9J?ref=ppx_pt2_mob_b_prod_image#
  4. We all in the same boat, just gotta keep waiting till they call
  5. Guess we just gotta wait it out. I wish they would inform us if they aren't going to move forward with our applications so I can stop thinking about when they will email or call lmao.
  6. I think it's the MTA business service center I'm sure there's an option when you call that number.

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