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  1. Okay so for my situation I'm only 22 and have been attending college full-time straight out of high school and I've never had a job. What happens if I have a blank resume? That's really my only concern, never had an arrest or a ticket.
  2. Just got around to opening this letter today. It came on the 27th and I thought it was just regular info in regards to the 0624 Electronic Equipment Maintainer job I recently applied for. I opened it today and it says I've been placed on the eligible list. This was the first MTA test I've ever taken and it was so long ago I forgot all about it (the 0624 Electronic Equipment Maintainer will be my second ever.) I know a bunch of you guys are veterans at this whole process so I got a few questions: 1. What does letter mean exactly? 2. What exactly does a 'list number' mean? 3. Is list number 21XX.000 decent? 4. What do I do from here?
  3. You still applying for this job?
  4. The track worker test was surprising simple to me but I'm not really trying to jinx myself. This was the 2nd MTA test I've ever took, the first one was for the mechanics helper position which I did horrible on (I got like a 56%) but in my defense I didn't know nothing about mechanics to begin with and had just applied to see the whole testing process so that's maybe why I thought this Track Worker one was simple. You guys seem experienced in this whole testing process, I know that the test answer keys will be posted May 23rd so what score do you guys think is a good one? Obviously I know that the highest score would be the best one but between what percentile range do you think would be good to get? I have no idea about the whole call back system, wait listing, and all that. For example is it basically a waiting game to get called back when you pass or does passing mean nothing and it's all about the high percentile scores that matter? I don't really know anything about how MTA employs people but I've been doing some research and right now I'm 20 years old, I have my CLP endorsements in Passenger and School Bus vehicles which I'll have to take the CDL road test in the summer to avoid redoing the CLP tests' and in September I'm continuing my enrollment in college to get my Associates Degree in Computer Technology. It's not really that and I'm sure a lot of you have way more experiences in this field but again I'm only 20 years old and I'm kind of doing all of this on my own. Your input on anything would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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