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  1. Thank you man!!! It was a journey, believe that!
  2. Update* June class just graduated and about to be on the road!
  3. Look out for a name email with the @nyct.com ending address.
  4. By coney island and we are reading/taking notes on material
  5. Week one down. It is about to get real next week. Lots of information to process...basically like if you are taking college full time.
  6. For everyone here to know!!! If your neck is over 17" and your BMI is over 35 you will have a medical hold! A sleep study must be done to clear it. To find your BMI got to goggle and search BMI calculator, there you will put your weight and height and get results. If it's over it, start dieting now!!!
  7. I agree, I got there at 6:30 am and finished at 4:05pm
  8. Guys, I start Monday. It was a crazy long day for me. But yes! Disclose everything.
  9. Sorry man, it has private information. But check your spam box regularly. It came for me on my regular inbox.
  10. Very low 500s, got emailed to go in Thursday for June 4th class. Just keeping everyone informed on how the list is moving.
  11. If you get an invite for medical let us know, I will do the same
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