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  1. Is there anyone that has started the job already or have a date to start training? How long did it take the whole process for you?
  2. Thank you for the information and also congratulations.
  3. Yeah parking tickets I know I’m just worried because i have one TVB ticket that I’m waiting for the court date on but it’s not until March and I don’t want it to hold me up with the hiring process. I’m willing to pay it if I have to just so I can go on with the process but than I’m worried about the points that the ticket carries.
  4. I just got my letter to go for interview feb 4th list # 17** but I want to know if the amount of points you have on your license effect if you get the job or not?
  5. Does anyone know if they tell you to pay all driving tickets for this position?
  6. They have added the next station agent exam application period to start in June of 2019
  7. Just received my letter my list # is in the 1,700s hopefully they start calling from the list soon
  8. is there anyone that has taken the previous associate cashier exam from 2012? If so please help provide information for everyone planning to take associate cashier exam 9600.what was the test like? How many people were on the eligible list? How long did it take for your number to be called? How do you like the job now ? Things in that nature. Any and all information you can provide is greatly appreciated.
  9. Are they only sending letters to the people that do not qualify or are they also going to send letters for the ppl who have met the qualifications?
  10. Is the position that says “associate cashier” supposed to be the station agent exam?
  11. Your answer was very helpful thank you for your reaponse
  12. So i went from being on an outstanding certification list to now not being on a outstanding certification list has this happened to anyone else or can anyone give me any info about what exactly this means?
  13. If you don’t mind me asking I’m what range is your list #?
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