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  1. Thanks i blow that turn watching a bike coming up between my bus and my left turn should of took it a bit deeper and not lock up the wheel to far to the left and watched that left pivot sup said if i didn’t clip that crub i would of had a perfect day
  2. It’s okay, but tough in the city with bikes , skaters , pedestrians watching all mirrors pivot point clearing the Curb doing bus stops. Hook turn over by Central Park i clipped crub with tire so I’ll be going to day 7 8 and 9
  3. Today was a great day we did pillars, parking straight backing , bridges
  4. Today was day one at zerega , I’m reporting to JFK for training is there any one familiar with Superintendent Siegel?
  5. On Thursday it was 6 of us for bus operator to do medical By the end of the day it was only two of us left , they was put in medical hold for BP, diabetes
  6. Just pass medical report to Zerega Monday
  7. Just pass medical report to Zerega Monday
  8. Thanks they sent a e-mail to it basically say if everything go well with medical I’ll be in the training on Monday the 30th
  9. Just got the call this morning to go back to Livingston for medical and final processing also was told to bring 86 dollar money order
  10. Congrats i was there last week make sure your there super early line was down Livingston
  11. Took it over same day but not sure I’m gonna get A license had my B for years depends on what happened with NYCT

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