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  1. Great information. So does Speonk have a parking lot that LIRR employees can park?
  2. Wow really. I wish they would of told us that. Thanks Ironhorse. Just cleared my medical on Friday start class on the feb 13th!
  3. Can someone please tell me for rule 14 - - O - do we need to know the whole entire indication verbatim or only certain parts??
  4. Mine took four days. But everyone is different.
  5. Can someone clear something up for me. I’m studying the engine whistles/horn signals and communicating signals do we need to know the letter or number before the sound or indication. Example B. OOO 1. When standing; back. Answer to 12d and 16 c 2. When running; answer to 16c
  6. My medical is scheduled for next Monday.
  7. Whoa whoa Mikey. No need for that in here. Ironhorse has helped me in the past multiple times and to be honest he was right it’s been said multiple times in this forum to stay in contact with HR. Everyone in here helps each other no need for negative comments...
  8. Your welcome my friend!! One word of advice make sure you have all your ducks in a row for the background check and make sure it matches your resume and original application.
  9. I would tell hr exactly what you just said. People from October shouldnt be getting called before you. There’s got to be a reason why you got skipped over.
  10. Mikey contact hr and see what’s going on. I would of contacted them along time ago...
  11. Do remember how many people per class they said??? Those of you that are in class right now how many people are in your classes? I think I remember them saying around 21 per class
  12. Hi everyone. Anyone from the July S&D test that passed get any emails on a possible class date or background check?? Also those of you that passed in May how many passed in your class ??
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