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  1. @Cgeorge Do you know when the next classes start?
  2. @Ironhorse Thanks a lot for that insight, thats much appreciated. Ive thought about sending an email numerous times, but I don't want that to hurt my chances smh. Are you a conductor?
  3. Hi All, To anybody that can provide some kind of insight, it would be much appreciated. I took the S&D exam on April 17, and passed the exam with 7 other candidates, out of 20. I have been waiting to hear some feedback, but still nothing. At this point it has been well over a month, and still no feedback, I have no idea what I should at this point. Can anybody give me some advice? Please, and Thanks.
  4. @Noob Thanks A lot. I really appreciate that feedback. Im just going to sit around and wait then. Best of luck to you. Probably see you around hillside lol.
  5. @NoobThat is fantastic. I hope they reach out to you sooner then later. But from my understanding, you haven’t started classes yet? This process is very confusing, what does basic training consist of? I Passed the Signals & definitions on 4/17/18, and I’ve been sitting in the dark ever since.
  6. Yeah @Noob Im still patiently waiting to hear something. I wish you the best of luck. What position is it that your'e going for? and What is your current position? And what kind of advice can you give me? if any.
  7. @thegameksk Thanks a lot I really appreciate that insight. Are You doing the Signals And Definitions overview on Tuesday?
  8. @thegameksk So 2019? Thats what you think game? I just passed the signals & definitions exam on on the 17th of April. I haven't even received a follow up email with an instructions. How long did it take for you to hear feedback?
  9. @Two2go Thanks a lot. I really appreciate that feedback right there. I wish I could enjoy my free time, but i currently have a job lol. I just have been really anxious to hear some news.
  10. @LIRR 154 I really appreciate your timely response. I will definitely wait it out. But according to what others have said in this form, they received feedback much sooner. Would you happen to know when the next upcoming classes are? Also what is the average timeframe to receive feedback?
  11. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, but I have been following this fourm on the low ever since i attended the A/C Trainee open house in Mid-February. I passed the Intial exams, and interviews. Then studied my butt off, and passed the signals and definitions exams, which was a sigh of relief. I feel like I did well on the panel interview. I was interveiwed by Linda Oliver and another gentlemen who I believe was the superintendent. It’s been exactly seventeen days, this is the third week, and I haven’t heard any feedback. Can anybody provide some kind of insight? I sent a thank you email on April 18, the day after the exam and interview. Ms. Oliver replied w/ a smiley face which made me feel very confident. But up until this point, I have received no feedback. I’ve thought about sending another email, but I don’t want to send a premature email and jeapordize anything. Also twenty people took the exam, only eight of us passed. So at this point I’m not quite sure. I would really appreciate it if somebody can give me some insight, before I send Ms. Oliver another email. Thanks.
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