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  1. ace1228

    Failed Pre-Employment Drug Test

    It’s going good bro....I just had my 2nd group meeting today...Twice a week for 4 weeks
  2. ace1228

    Failed Pre-Employment Drug Test

    No, hopefully your health insurance covers it.
  3. ace1228

    Failed Pre-Employment Drug Test

    Yeah it should be in the mail for you already.
  4. ace1228

    Failed Pre-Employment Drug Test

    Yeah bro I’m in the process of beginning the progrom. I went to Ellyn Kravette & she costed $350 to meet with her. She referred me to another program & I have an appointment Friday at 1PM with the “Bridge back to life” program.
  5. I recently took a Pre-Employment Drug Test for the MTA Train Conductor position. My urine came back positive for Marijuana. Therefore I received a “Verified Positive” result. I have now received another letter in the mail with a list of Substance Abuse Programs. Does anyone know if I am already disqualified from being able to obtain the position or do I still have a chance of I complete the substance abuse program ?


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