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  1. Yeah, I got a letter in the mail basically stating that my case was reviewed and they decided I’m not eligible for the job. A bunch of time & money Wasted for no reason SMH
  2. No, nothing yet bro I’m still waiting. What about you ??
  3. Good Luck bro...Keep me posted with anything new
  4. Damn I’m still doing this program Bullshit..I have one more session left. How’d you finish so quick ? What did she refer you to do ?
  5. She’s not located in Ozone Park anymore tho...When I called she told me her office had moved. & what’s her fee to come see her ???
  6. Which lady did you choose ? Basically after you complete the program you go to, you have to meet with that lady again & she’ll let the MTA know you’re fit to work. From there idk how long the MTA will take to get back at you....
  7. It’s going good bro....I just had my 2nd group meeting today...Twice a week for 4 weeks
  8. No, hopefully your health insurance covers it.
  9. Yeah it should be in the mail for you already.
  10. Yeah bro I’m in the process of beginning the progrom. I went to Ellyn Kravette & she costed $350 to meet with her. She referred me to another program & I have an appointment Friday at 1PM with the “Bridge back to life” program.
  11. I recently took a Pre-Employment Drug Test for the MTA Train Conductor position. My urine came back positive for Marijuana. Therefore I received a “Verified Positive” result. I have now received another letter in the mail with a list of Substance Abuse Programs. Does anyone know if I am already disqualified from being able to obtain the position or do I still have a chance of I complete the substance abuse program ?
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