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  1. In fact, the B82 and the B6 haven't suffered from any real loss in ridership, but the B41 has. So instead of fixing the B41, they decide to destroy the business centers in Midwood.
  2. of course not. But don't worry. When people don't do what the MTA wants, they punish them. Next time ridership goes down on the B82 they are taking away the Q train. That will make you take their damn bus.
  3. They aren't at Kings Highway. I guess you missed that, because it was said in plain english on the MTA s slides.
  4. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-zYrPLXdvFwg/U4T0CsLIAQI/AAAAAAAARP4/Lu3Wec8ZU8s/s1600/vignelli_new_york_subway_map_1972.jpg You see on this subway map there is no Sea Beach express between 38th and Pacific. There is no west end express either.
  5. that was better, actually. The two lines overlap and the D goes to the Museum of Natual History and at Dekalb you can get anything but who would take the broadway line if the 6th avenue line is available :) The main reason to transfer to at Dekalb was to go to Downtown or downtown Brooklyn..
  6. The D is running local over night in Brooklyn and that makes it possible.
  7. http://www.brooklyn-living.com/b82_sbs_opposition.html#const These are the various constituencies that have urgent needs and usage of the Kings Highway Business District Local Residents The Trucking and Transport industry NYC Official Commerical Truck Route Map showing Kings Highway as a mandated local route The Cab and Limousine Businesses Subway Commuters Retail Business Pedestrians Schools, Yeshivot and School Buses The Fire Department Automobile Drivers Bus Riders traveling from Canarsie to Coney Island
  8. open up Flatlands Avenue East of Flatbush sorry - I mean west of Flatbush Avenue.
  9. 100% it was supposed to be demapped and was never designed for its current use. It is just always going to be a tough ride through and there is nothing you can do about it. to take a minoirty of the users and make them a priority is just wrong. The community should take presidence and the Avenue P by pass should be used for what it was designed for, through traffic. You can't make it one way though. It is the designated truck route. If the DOT wanted to correct something, they would drop Avenue P 6 more inches and make it the throughway for trucks. They should also open up Flatlands Avenue East of Flatbush so that it is no longer a private driveway for that church. Then the bus could make a simple route through flatlands, to Avenue N and onto Kings Highway and continue down Ave P to Stillwell Avenue, Bay Ridge Parkway, 7th Avnue Bay Ridge Parkway and either over the Verazono or connect with the SI buses. Everything connects to Coney Island. That is low hanging fruit. Getting from Canarsie to SI, now that is a bear and a SBS lmt could be justified for that. As long as they stay off of 86th street, they are fine
  10. I think it has the 15th largest ridership for the entire line at about 27 thousand riders. By that measure it is a large route. In terms of the SBS though, it is not. First of all, the number itself is a function of the length of the route. It is a very long route, nearly end to end accross the borough which is a problem in of itself. Of those numbers only 1/3 of them are limited riders, so a 1/3 of 27,000 is about 9 thousand users. Those are the riders who might be eligibable to benefit from an SBS asuming it wasn't going to be routed onto Kings Highway. Furthmore, the MTA did a survey and discovered that only 8% of the population that does business or pleasure on Kings Highway from W10th street to Ocean Avenue, and that is an insane stretch to measure in this context, arrived by any bus... not just the B82. That means that 92% of the population along the district does not use any bus. So to distube and ruin the lives of 92% of the people for the needs of much less than 8% is stupid. It is, it is selfish and stupid. Furthermore, most of the risership is between Utica Avenue and Rockaway Parkway. So the rational thing to do is divide the bus in half as it was originally designed as the B50... do not plow through Kings Highway between Ocean Avenue and Mcdonond Avenue, and turn the bus back around to Canarsie where it is needed by a population that doesn't have adequate accesses to the subway. You can terminate at 16th and Quentin and turn around up Avenue R onto Flatlands Avenue and straight to Canarsie.
  11. http://www.nyc.gov/html/brt/downloads/pdf/brt-south-brooklyn-b82-mar2018.pdf this is not an MTA publication?
  12. Them are very strong trollin words my friend. How much money do you want to put on it ...
  13. No one is going to hand spoonfeed this entire thread for you until you understand the points that were made. Go back and read it again and come back with your observations when you undestand the point. I'll help you a little. 32,000 rides daily is not a correct estimate from their data and it doesn't represent the likely ridership for the SBS B82.
  14. http://web.mta.info/nyct/facts/ridership/ridership_bus.htm https://www.nycsubway.org/perl/caption.pl?/img/trackmap/pm_southeast_1.png "Ridership: 32,000 daily riders – 10,000 Limited, 22,000 Local"
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