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  1. Yeah, I use desktop on my Mac all the time, works great on there. Just not so much on my phone... not really formatted for it. I would think it should be fine on an iPad though, since it's bigger.
  2. Same thing on my phone. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't. I get the "check your internet connection" error when there's nothing wrong with my connection. BusTime mobile site is good to see time estimates, but that's all you can get out of it... the desktop site doesn't work too well on an iPhone. I use the website transsee.ca to see a route map with vehicles numbers. Works great on a phone, only downside is you have to manually refresh the page for updates.
  3. Saw a Manhattan-bound at 45th Street earlier. Heard an announcement saying there were signal problems, I suppose it was running on the line.
  4. One time I was the only passenger on the B63 and the driver had to mail something at the post office. Cars were parked in the bus stop and she couldn't pull in. So she just left me with the bus, in the middle of the street, for a good 2 minutes...
  5. I believe Gleason has a 1990 (#0007) that goes out once in a while as a MetroCard sales bus. But as far as passenger service goes, no.
  6. I had kind of assumed that when they put the new systems in Lexington Avenue stations, they would simultaneously get rid of the MetroCard turnstiles... If they keep both in the stations then that works.
  7. But then how are transfers between payment systems going to be handled? Like, between a 4/5/6 train to a bus without the new technology, or from a Brooklyn bus to a Staten Island bus?
  8. Question for the B/Os: What determines who gets the day off for holidays like Memorial Day? RDO or seniority? And for those that work the holiday, what determines which route/run you drive?
  9. There's less of them around because people can just pull them up on their phones... but I still see a few sometimes. They're definitely still being printed, I got a spring 2018 timetable for the B4 the other day.
  10. Was on a B37 earlier with a dest. sign for 39th street. The bus kept going past 39th so it clearly was a mistake on the B/O's part. Just found it weird because I'd never seen it before... didn't know a 39th street short turn on the even existed on the 37
  11. How common are R160s on the ? I usually see one every once in a while if I'm lucky, but today I ended up riding two of them...
  12. I've been dealing with the same exact thing with the B4 in the morning. The guy drives so slow that I'm on the bus for upwards of a half hour for what should be a 15 minute trip... and this has been a daily occurrence for the past 3 weeks. His lateness makes me miss all of my potential connections (B63/B37/R train), which all of headways of 20-30 minutes at that time... so I'm left to walk the rest of the way, or be late... and there's nothing I can do about it. It's aggravating.
  13. JX248

    Hey everyone!

    Hey everyone. I've been lurking on this site for a couple of months now... and I finally decided to create an account last night! I've been interested in the subway and especially the buses ever since I was a little kid. Huge fan of Gleason. One day I hope to work for the MTA!
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