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  1. It is 115 days in the B division. 5 days in a week. That's 23 weeks which is about 5 months. If you add the 2 months of YX it comes up to a little over 7 months. If there are any holidays while you're in training, it pushes you up to the 8 month mark. Info is correct but just a little misleading.
  2. I was told by a TSS that there will be a class of 70 people for September
  3. I’m in school car now and one of the TSS said they're planning on trying to bring in 60 people each month for at least the rest of this year. My assumption is that after this it will all be permanent classes.
  4. Try to go earlier bc the packet had stuff that took me a while to get together like dates (month and year) of every address for the past 10 years and dates (month and year) of every job you've had since high school (including the address, supervisor name, and phone number). It might be a little difficult to gather all of that information on the day of.
  5. I don't see the harm in it. However, the letter had a packet included that needed to be filled out. I'm not sure how this all works so it might make more sense to go sooner as they may be able to provide you with the paperwork so you would be all set if you were supposed to get the letter for this Friday.
  6. I received my letter this past Saturday to report on 5/11 @ 7:30am.
  7. I received the same letter about a temporary T/O position. Can anyone offer insight on how temporary positions work? I have a good job now and am hesitant to leave it if there is a possibility that the temporary position will end before I am offered a permanent position.
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