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  1. So I guess you haven’t been watching the news about the cuts that’s coming in the mta, definitely won’t be no more classes this year
  2. You will be able to keep your nycers tier 4 when you com to transit! Just make sure you transfer everything over, you got like a 2 year window for that.
  3. You know what they got granted ? You better start getting used to them weekday RDOs lol
  4. You at the bottom of the barrel so of course they ain’t gon respect your preference sheet! When I first came out of school car I had Wednesday and Thursday off which made the weeks go by super super fast! Once you start gaining seniority and more classes come out after you then they would start respecting your seniority.
  5. Good luck out there and remember your lineup is gold out there! Always have it ready when doing a new line!
  6. But didn’t you say it was a buddy of yours in your induction class ? Now you saying you was told by a TSS ? With the way they super strict down here, you would see why I really really doubt he hit 3 to 4 homeballs and still be down here. You and I both know hitting homeballs down here are cardinal sins. he probably did something else but not 3 or 4 homeballs.
  7. 3 or 4 home balls from Yx to posting! Impossible for him to still be down here ! I guarantee that.
  8. Oh well! We need stricter laws to keep people like you off the streets and from behind the wheels 🤷🏽‍♂️
  9. You shouldn’t even have a license by the 2nd time. smh
  10. Next time hire a lawyer, don’t ever plead guilty on your tickets if it invoke points. Always hire a lawyer no matter how guilty you are. i gotten off a cell phone ticket and an 80mph zone in a 40 mph zone. No points, tickets dismissed!!! Both of them i em I was super guilty lol
  11. It’s $23.84, that’s probably a typing error on your paper....I just got mines the other day and it says 23.84 on the top. I rejected it..
  12. Final road practical that you do with a superintendent is no do-over. One big f**k up on that test and that’s it.
  13. Take the A division if your live in the Bronx! That commute to Brooklyn everyday is killer if you pick the B division. With A division you’ll most likely be close to home, sometimes you’ll be in Brooklyn but for most you’ll be in the Bronx.
  14. Mines was light grey when I was in school car but that’s not gon be your uniform for the entire school car, when you do your uniform fitting it should take about a week or so for the uniform to arrive then you should be good to go.
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