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  1. A lot of conductors and T/O hate the 179.
  2. Quick question. Did any of you guys take the BOSS survey?! I was reading that if you didn’t take the BOSS Survey then you wouldn’t get your score exam or list number. I didn’t take my BOSS exam because I am in school car for train operator but I somehow still received my score and list number
  3. Yeah, a bunch of people started the class already on may 29th.
  4. For pre-employment they said it would take all day, but I was out the door by 12pm even with the drug test. But I did go the other day for final processing and people was there all day for pre-employment because the lab was backed up, people was told to comeback within an hr for the drug test and that was around 2 and 3 pm. So my suggestion is don’t make no plans for that day and be prepared to be there all day.
  5. A lot of people is getting disqualified due to having bad driving records or their paper work not matching up
  6. It will tell you the same time. 7:30Am
  7. Oh my fault, I thought you meant from 400 to 600 lol. If it’s 4000 then idk
  8. You’ll get call before the summer is up, a lot of people is dropping like flies. Somebody mention in this thread that another class is starting after the may 29th class and the lady at the office also said that another class is starting up as soon as the list is establish
  9. I got the letter telling me to go in the 11th for pre employment. Once there I did all the paperwork that they ask, you can’t have no outstanding tickets on your license if you do you can’t continue until it’s clear. I did my drug test the same day also. Once you do the drug test they will tell you they will call you in 3-90 days. I got an email the following Friday telling me to come in on Tuesday for final processing and medical. I came in Tuesday and completed more paper work for them. In the medical assessment they give you a urine test to check your sugar and protein, then a vision test then a hearing test and finally an EKG, once you pass that they sent you back to the front desk to start preparing your papers for the mta system, once it’s in the system they take your phone for the ID and fingerprints also and a date for when classes begins. Also so if you had any court cases you HAVE to bring a deposition paper to show them that it’s taken care of. I couldn’t finish my process on Tuesday because I was missing the deposition paper, so once I got that I return back today and completed the hiring process.
  10. They needed train operators asap so they started calling people before the list is established!
  11. I finally got my starting date. I start Tuesday the 29th. I can’t wait!
  12. Top pay is 36 something due to change something next year after the contract expires. Starting pay right now is 34 something.
  13. Thanks! I’ll keep you guys posted on Tuesday.

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