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  1. Try to get there by 6:30 or 6:45 that way you get out quicker. I was done by 12. Blue pen definitely needed. Good luck
  2. Can anyone tell me how long is training / school before you start on the job on your own. I'm hoping I get into the August 13th class but not sure how long it is.
  3. Someone one here said one time they went in at 7 and got out at 4:30. Take the day off
  4. Number 695 here. Didn't get an email but I'm glad, I got vacation in June and didn't want to miss out on it. Hoping to get into the July class but I also don't want to screw my job over and be asked by mta on June 31st and not give my job 2 weeks notice atleast.
  5. I just got a email last week to come in today. Then I got a letter in the mail Saturday with a application to fill out to come in Monday (yesterday). Make sure you have originals of everything when you go in ged or h.s diploma, passport or birth certificate, driver's I.d and social security card. If they aren't originals they aren't looking at it. O and beware some of these people working behind the desk are the most miserable people by the way. You can try to be nice but they still act like a straight up bitch. Most city workers who work office gigs and have to deal with people are the worst.
  6. I got a booked vacation for late June early July so I don't mind lol.
  7. I told her if I lost out now and she said no. They only passed the first 395 people for school, failed drug test or denied the job. What's the point of calling today if she told me it will not be there til tomorrow.
  8. I called 2 weeks ago to see when I would be getting a pre employment letter. I'm number 695. They say they sent one out April 9th but I never received it. I don't know if they really sent it out but they say they did. She said they will defer me to the next wave of pre employment letters. Tomorrow is the day I'm able to call to get the date of when to come in just in case I never receive the new one thats going out now.
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