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  1. Congrats!!! Did they say how big the 26th class would be?
  2. No you can't go back. You have to be in title in that position for a year and off probation for you to be able to come back to that position if it didn't work out in the new position. So that lady you called at Livingston was correct.
  3. Anybody have an idea of when the next class will start?
  4. I got my letter in the mail for Pre-employment Oct 31. My list number is in the 90s but I'm really thinking if I actually want to be a TO. I'm in transit already but I'm on the maintenance side and don't know if it is worth the switch. Any TO's care to chime in on how the job is?
  5. I had the same problem. Same session as you guys. 5/21 PM session. Good information to know. I sent it my appeal yesterday.
  6. What do you consider first round? Elfamoso2020 has already started his class this week.
  7. Arrests, driving record, job history, schooling
  8. That’s what I’m thinking. I changed an answer and the machine probably picked up the erased answer as well.
  9. Did anybody think they might of been graded incorrectly? When I compared my record of answers to the proposed answer key, it showed I only had one wrong. But the letter I received yesterday had a score of 96.667% which means two wrong. I’m going to dispute it but just wanted to know if anybody else had a similar situation.
  10. Day one is the urine sample and if you are contacted back to come back in, it will be for medical.
  11. If the class starts the 29th like others have suggested on this thread, then no you won't be able to give your current employer 2 weeks notice. That's just the way they work. When I completed everything and swore me in it was a Friday. She goes to me "Can you start this Monday or do you want to wait until the next class?". I took the job right there and had no choice but to just quit my current employer.
  12. I mean if you do send in the letter, just call up when you can and they will reinstate you. Some people feel more comfortable doing it that way.
  13. They won’t skip over you name. Before I got into TA, I would ignore the letter and they would just send me another when the next class came. You can always say you never received the letter. If you answer back, then you might have to call back to get reinstated on the list.
  14. Provisional is when you get hired and haven't taken the test yet. You took the test and got a letter. I know it states temporary but I'm telling you, it's a year probation and then you done and locked in. When I first got a letter from Mta back in 2014, it said temporary. I didn't get hired then but the people that did get hired at that time were all considered temporary. After the full year, they made it off probation. They didn't have to wait for the list to be established and kept their seniority. You will be fine and I will probably see you in the class once it starts. Just makes sure you have everything. No pending tickets or court cases and of course clean urine.
  15. That's true for provisional employees. You aren't going to be provisional because you took the exam already.
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