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  1. As long as the Dickies pants follow the guidelines: ”In addition, when the initial allotment or replacement uniform components are not readily available, employees must wear garments that are indistinguishable from the NYCT-issued uniform garments (examples of garments not permitted to be worn include but are not limited to cargo pants, carpenter pants, pants with cell phone or multi use pockets, tactical pants and paramedic/police pants).”  Dont invest in any polos. You might get away with wearing it during the first week of orientation but once you start schoolcar stick with the button down collared shirts.
  2. I think it’s only hard if you don’t put in your time studying. Anyone can read it on paper... it’s another thing to understand it and put it into practice. Don’t get me wrong... some folks can grasp it right away other folks it may take a few times. Also helps to have classmates that help each other! So far so good in school car. Only one person is gone from my class but that was for personal reasons not because they failed. Right now its the meat and potatoes for us. We just took our midterm and now we got our final yard practical and first signal test/practical coming up. Time flies while you’re learning all this material! Best of luck to you and everyone in school car!
  3. IIRC I waited like 36 hours before I even attempted and after ordering I received my boots in like 3 days. During my first week of my orientation the TSS’s asked the class if anyone has issues ordering their boots and there were several people.
  4. Yes study those signals and get them down verbatim. Some signals if you mistakenly change one word or leave one word out it will change the entire definition of the signal ( for example saying “for the” when it should be “for a” or saying “to clear” when it should be “to be clear”). As long as you put in a few hours a day you guys should have no worries. But remember to not just study one thing. Split up your study time between signals, the induction book, your notes and the rule book. Write out the signal definitions, don’t just read them (I typed them out on the computer). Also always listen to your instructors... even if they mention something in a casual conversation, write it down or make a mental note cause it may be important and might just show up on the quizzes.
  5. Some folks that were already in schoolcar have taken the midterm or their first signal test and didn’t pass so could be one of the reasons why it’s moving again.
  6. First yard practical done and our class passed! Now on to the midterm, signal exam and 2 more practicals in like 3 weeks...
  7. I and a few students asked at orientation and was confirmed by the HR folks speaking. Our probationary period will not begin until the DCAS list is established and we are switched from provisional to permanent status. Also it is stated in the green sticky above. If our probationary period actually started on our induction date folks people who scored high probably would have not deferred.
  8. NYCT is NYCERS tier 6... 25/55
  9. Majority of the time yes you will get a lunch break. Some days you will have a “working lunch” where you eat your food when you can. Those days could be in the yard where the instructors want you to get more hands on time for the day or road ops days (operating a train on the mainline) and you eat when it is not your turn. If it is not a scheduled road ops day the instructors (at least ours did) will give you the opportunity to go get food if it is going to be a working lunch. Hope that makes sense!
  10. https://a856-eeexams.nyc.gov/OLEE/oasys/FAQOasys.aspx#22 that’s for DCAS. No idea for MTA since they have been sending PE letters. You may need to call them to get a definitive answer.
  11. If you include YX (yard extra) then it is more like 6-8 months depending in the subdivision you choose or are placed in (folks with the lowest list number of that class may not get a choice.)
  12. Only a handful of days will be spent at 248.
  13. They will give you all the benefits info your first week. You will have time to think about it since medical doesn’t kick in until 90 days afterwards. I brought nothing but the blue plastic folder and it’s contents on the first day especially the Appointment/Payroll Notice form that has all your info. You can bring a backpack if you want to carry your paperwork and pens. The no backpack/bags with wheels rule is when you’re in the yards. You will have to carry your bags by hand, nothing on your shoulders for your safety You will be getting more paperwork during your first week along with some equipment. Then when you go to PS 248 later in the week they will tell you to bring a bigger bag or extra bag to carry the rest of your equipment and training material that will be issued. Most folks used a gym/duffle bag. Other folks brought a big backpack. Some folks even bought a large Husky tool bag. Your bag WILL be heavy with all the books and equipment that has to be carried to school car everyday. Along with that bag I bring an insulated water bottle and a lunch bag so it’s a lot to carry.
  14. Plus there’s also tuition reimbursement if it’s applicable so that may come in handy.
  15. If you haven’t heard or read... I don’t want to scare any potentials but I’m sure most of you know it may be a possibility while you’re operating... https://www.google.com/amp/s/pix11.com/2018/07/26/1-dead-1-hospitalized-after-being-struck-by-train-in-brooklyn/amp/


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