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  1. Definitely true what Physcoles said about public transportation... it just helps to cover your ass if anything does happen. If you do decide to drive in, alternate side parking can be a pain. And remember you are probably not the only student to drive in so you will have to contend with the other people looking for parking too. First day I drove in took me about 20 mins to find parking... about 5 blocks away and that was around me 5:30 in the morning. Once you get a feel for the area and remember the alternate days it gets a little easier. Around the general area, looks like Wednesday is the only day ASP isn’t in effect. Some blocks have Mon/Thur, some have Tues/Fri. Some just Tues or Thur only. For those that are curious, the school has water coolers so no need to bring in bottled water. The gym and lunchroom has vending machines for drinks and snacks. Lunchroom also has a small fridge and microwaves. If you go to the Dunkin’ Donuts by the school I recommend you go in an hour before class or put in your mobile order 30 mins prior. The folks there are not just slow but when it gets close to start time all the students crowd in and the line will be ridiculous. Hope these little tips will benefit folks on the thread!
  2. Definitely not. I’ve been driving in from Queens and getting to the school around 5:45. Figured if get there early I can always take a quick nap in the car or study. Going to dread taking the train carrying all the books and equipment. I wonder when the new hires receive and starts to wear their uniform how strict the TSSs are going to be about appearances.
  3. If you reinstated your name I think you have a pretty good shot since you received a PE letter before. Because when the list is released they will start canvassing again from the top. Aside from the medical holds and candidates declining, there are folks in class that could be kicked out already. First week of class for me and there are already folks with 2 unexcused lateness. One more and they are gone.
  4. Curious to know how DCAS reinstates a candidate when there is no established list... unless it’s a sign and the notices are going out soon? From how it was explained to me in my PE when I asked (thought about declining because I am on another civil service list for a position with WAY less responsibilities and training and of course less pay )you will receive another PE letter when the official DCAS list is established and they start calling off that list. Many folks declined the temporary position and wanted to wait until the DCAS list is established since they probably didn’t want to work longer than a year to get off probation. Keep in mind, all of the T/Os that started from #7604 are provisionals and probation doesn’t start until we are permanent meaning we are all waiting for the damn list to be released!
  5. I completely agree with the fact that they should hire internally first. I believe all companies should do that. I was just replying to another post saying that the promotionals were not from the OC list and since there were so many that it may be affecting the rate in which they are calling people who are from the OC list. I empathize with you on how you’re frustrated you are. I took the NYCT track worker exam and compared my answers with the proposed key. That was the simplest civil service exam I have ever taken and I got several wrong. Definitely wasn’t the memory portion that did me in. But good luck to you and all the other hopefuls that are still waiting for the email.
  6. The conductors I spoke to took the promotional exam not the OC. They were called first off a “preferred” list to pick their sub divisions then the folks off the OC list were called up.
  7. Just throwing this out there... in orientation I see a lot of conductors and B/Os being promoted to train operators so that may affect the rate in which they are calling people off the OC list. Just in my class I think about a third are promotions.
  8. Even when called for PE list # doesn’t matter. When I went in for PE, I chatted with a fellow who was from out of state and was there because there was scheduling conflict and he couldn’t show up at his appointed date so they advised him to just come in during the week. I’m list # 1** and the gentleman I chatted with was much much higher.
  9. I say take as many exams as you can rather than putting all your eggs in one basket. You always have the option of declining and reinstating your name in ththe future if things don’t work as as planned. I took multiple exams and I got I didn’t expect to get called for T/O and I got canvassed for other positions at the same time.
  10. Have you tried calling Michelle Vargas 347.643.8218? I believe she is one of the HR folks handling T/O and C/R (she is the one who sent the medical email). It might take you dozens of tries to get through though. As for for postponement you might have to decline and call DCAS to resinstate your name on the list when you’re ready since folks are saying they are now going by the OC list. I guess timing was right for me since I went in for medical June 6 and invited to the July 9 class so that gave me a whole month to go on one last vacation before starting. I’ve read some folks went in for medical mid May, invited to 5/29 class so they didn’t even have time to give their current employers the full two weeks notice.
  11. I checked yesterday and I didn’t see it published online... nothing shows up for exam 7604. I also searched my name to see what lists my name appears on and 7604 was the only one not listed.
  12. Have you received the email to go in for medical?
  13. There is no difference in EH rating of steel toes and alloy/composite toes... They all have to pass ATSM tests to be EH rated. I would be more worried about the soles on my shoes if they are worn, any metal particles embedded in the sole or the shoe being wet that will increase the chances of being in an electrical hazard. It’s the electricity going through you, the shoe and into the ground that will electrocute you. Granted composite toes have better electrical resistance the biggest advantage is that they are much lighter than steel toes. I’ve also read that composite toes are more “bulbous” than steel and alloy toes.
  14. So what is the required footwear for T/O on a regular day? When I was on the website the only products available to order were all safety toe shoes. Is the safety toe shoes just needed during training/school car?
  15. I assume so. That was the amount we were instructed to bring and that is all I brought... money order for $87. And when I was sworn in I did not pay any additional fees.


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