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  1. I think it is 66.. we picked divisions today. 20 people to A the rest to B
  2. Thank you, if you can Dm the link. If not I'll see you the 26th.
  3. I listed one from out of state just to be safe... they aren't going to disqualify you for a moving violation.. better off listing it in my opinion in case they do find out about it.
  4. Thank you. I was able to set up my account.. now I just need to figure out what boots to order lol.
  5. Thanks, I was appointed on Friday so maybe it just hasn't been put into the system yet.
  6. Does anyone have a phone number for the 5th floor other then Mrs. Vargas? I am having trouble placing the order for my boots because I am not placed in the shoe company system yet. I already left Mrs. Vargas a message but was hoping to speak to a live person. Thank you.
  7. Yes, this is correct they will not ask for your dispositions till the medical.
  8. Not sure about the transcripts but you need the dispositions and make sure they are original copies with the court seal on it that's all they will accept
  9. Passed my medical today. I made it into the November 26th class. They moved us out pretty quick I was finished with everything by about 3:15. Good luck to everyone.
  10. Congratulations. What did the medical consist of? Hopefully I will be getting sworn in on Friday.
  11. I went in for pre-employment last friday Nov. 2.
  12. I just got the email I have the medical this friday, being considered for the nov.26 class. List #31x.
  13. Starts at 34.162 and after 231 road days it is 36.24999
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