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  1. Rush1982

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Hi, does anyone know if you declined the temp position, can you reinstate your name on that list before the regular list is established? I have a vacation coming up in July but thinking when that is over to try and reinstate my name if they haven't established the Dcas list yet.. thanks in advance.. list #2xx
  2. Rush1982

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Somebody posted that its 8 or 9 months for schoolcar.
  3. Rush1982

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Thank you, great news.
  4. Rush1982

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    If you only have to list convictions but you received an ACD it would not be considered a conviction because it was adjourned and sealed. If they ask you to list all arrests and summonses then it's a different story. By no means am I telling people they should lie on the application. To be safe I will bring my dispositions with me. Thank you all for the advice.
  5. Rush1982

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    If your arrest/convictions records are sealed I'm pretty sure you don't have to disclose them for this position. Nypd, FDNY, court officer you do regardless of you were convicted or not
  6. Rush1982

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Hi, where is schoolcar located?
  7. Rush1982

    T/O #7604 Hiring Process

    Hi, does anyone know what the typical class size is and how often they do them? Thank you.


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