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  1. Hey guys passed S&D and had my interview about 2 months ago but still haven't heard anything. Does anyone know about the next phase 1 class?
  2. Damn well its all part of the game, Il be ready when they call.
  3. Thanks, have you heard anything about the next phase 1 class?
  4. No, my s&d test was on 6/16... Anyone else here pass? I had my interview as well a few days later. Its my understanding there is a phase 1 starting June 27th (tomorrow). Hoping I get the call for the next one soon!
  5. I passed s&d and I had my interview last week. Any word on when the next Phase 1 is going to start?
  6. I don't have a problem with the process. This job has colossal responsibility and this is their way of recruiting intelligent and dedicated employees.
  7. 4 weeks of studying and I am pretty comfortable with the material. In my opinion the definitions is the harder part. A lot of them are long sentences, the vocabulary is difficult and many phrases are inconsistent. Remembering what is plural and the whole order of it requires a lot of repetition. Il be testing myself all week till Saturday. Good luck to everyone in this process.
  8. Been studying s&d now for 2 weeks and I have half the material down. Plan on having it all done in another 2 weeks then using the last week as review
  9. Is there shifts starting and ending from the east end lines?
  10. Nice, thanks I'm fully committed to the program. Good luck to you as well on phase 2.
  11. Do you think its better to study them in the order given or randomly mix it up and keep adding to what you already know. Any opinion would be appreciated, I'm doing the definitions randomly but the signals are so similar in design its hard to randomly add memory to each one so I think I will study them in groups.
  12. Hello everyone, I had my S&D overview last saturday and I finished making all the index cards for the material. Any tips on how to get this stuff memorized? Have 5 weeks until the test want to make the most of my time.
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