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  1. handsom4life

    LIRR locomotive Engineer Trainee job

    I believe kev212 is asking,@republic and jsunflyguy. When was their open house ? To determine which group of the recent open house participants are being called? I attended the 6/1.
  2. handsom4life

    LIRR locomotive Engineer Trainee job

    Same here passed the exam had the interview, patiently waiting for next step. Pleasantly surprised how many passed the written.
  3. handsom4life

    LIRR locomotive Engineer Trainee job

    If anyone knows or opinion, which agency is better when it comes to Locomotive engineers; Amtrak,LIRR,NJT or Port Authority?
  4. handsom4life

    LIRR locomotive Engineer Trainee job

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Hopefully we can work together or I can pass on some knowledge to a future applicant.
  5. handsom4life

    LIRR locomotive Engineer Trainee job

    Thanks Drenyce311 I really appreciate the info. I have a few more questions if you wouldn't mind. I am commuting from Jersey is it easier and convenient to the mass transit to training and Job? Or is there parking available to your reporting station? How long is the typical shift/route/run? If and when I get to phase 2 the schedule should't be to much of an issue by that time, we start to get paid, .So if I have to leave my current job Ill have some income. You mention once you finished with test and training you'll be on call everyday. Realistically do you still get adequate amount of shifts or will you be scrounging and begging for work? If I have a 3 hr window to be at work I might stay in Jerz. Because it will take 2 hrs to get through SI into BLYN. I am not concerned with Weekend and Summers off. Would be nice but I know what its like to start from the bottom. Thanks for correcting me on when top pay actually starts I misunderstood and thought it was the 6th year. So its after the first 1095 days and not 1095 after your 3rd year? 1st 365 days 60% $27.046/Hour 2nd 365 days 80% $36.061/Hour 3rd 365 days 90% $40.569/Hour After 1,095 days 100% $45.077/Hour 3 x 365=1095 Thanks again.
  6. handsom4life

    LIRR locomotive Engineer Trainee job

    Hello all, I hope everyone is well. I am new here. After applying a few time I received an invite to the Orientation/exam/interview, On June 1 in Babylon . I applied for the following posting, the 4/1- 89676, 11/17- 92039 & 4/18-93100. and received my invite on May 11. So I was surprised that I heard back quickly, but I noticed one of the attachment in the invite email had the 92039 posting attached, so my wait was around 5 months. A little about me, I am original from NY but now reside in NJ. Mid 30's family man. I worked for the Gov't for over 10 years at the airport, left there for a law enforcement job. That didn't work out. Now I am with USPS. Not the worst job but the pay could be better. But 8 weeks of phase 1 with no pay in my situation is really tough. Plus commuting back and forth for testing, then the job it self. I still have extended family throughout the boroughs, but I still have my own family obligations . From what I've read is to Study eat study sleep study and then study some more. I have a few questions and concerns for anyone who may know, I read through many but not all of forum pages. How's the job once you complete all the training? Is there OT? Where are the new hires usually placed to work? So I can figure out my commuting issue or should I relocate back to NY. As I mention last years posting was attached to my invite. with last years salary rate. If and when I am successful to get this job, am I hired at last years rate or this year? I noticed from last year to this, there was almost a 5% increase, so even though the current top pay in 6 years is $45.077 Hr. Its possible to hit that a lot sooner with the yearly increases, is that correct? What hours for the class times,(anything in the evening)? I appreciate any information you can relay to me, while I dive further into previous pages. I wish everyone well.


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