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  1. It was done the first week like the fourth day
  2. Don’t purchase too many my uniform came a few days after I was measured and my order was submitted..I was lucky that my uniform came in the correct sizes. Some people do have to send their uniforms back for the correct size but again once corrected the uniforms arrive rather fast.. I wouldn’t invest a lot of cash into the blue pants and light blue shirt. And yes it’s everyday that you wear the pants and shirt..everything with this job is repetition..you’ll be wearing the same thing and bringing the same thing everyday
  3. Yes if you have your boots you must wear them.. there are gonna be a few days where you’re just sitting at PS 248 and not in the yard or train but you are still required to be in uniform which includes TA issued boots
  4. If you have your boots you have to wear them everyday..they’re not as strict the first day but after a TSS speaks to you about the uniform they start expecting you to be in full uniform everyday
  5. We can’t wear cargo pants. Has to be blue pants with no pockets near the knees
  6. Congratulations everyone coming in! School car is very easy just requires you to do your part as far as studying at home. There’s a lot to learn but it all ties in together. My advice is do the reading assigned as HW from the TSS beforehand and take great notes you should be fine. The job itself is very simple just follow procedure as per school car and expect the unexpected
  7. Because you put yourself at risk for something to happen the more days u work..plus as extra extra you get plenty OT from being on board etc.
  8. My seniority just went up..there’s word of TA hiring 100+ new conductors...congrats to anyone coming in this summer!!!
  9. Yea I’m dramatic and super girly lmaooo the thought of walking thru them tunnels freaks me out lol
  10. Ok thanks! How often are you in the tunnels?
  11. On the green notice it says we can’t bring backpacks or bags with wheels...which bag should we use as I’m sure we’ll be getting a lot of equipment in school car
  12. The very first day are we required to wear uniform?
  13. Congratulations to everyone who got sworn in yesterday including myself..I don’t think we’re rubbing it in. We are excited to start and want to keep everyone updated as to where they are with the list. I’m sorry YOU couldn’t stay for the PE but let’s not bash those who have waited also and did what needed to be done to be considered.
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