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  1. That non paid only applies to those who are going for locomotive engineer trainee the phase 1 but if you pass to phase 2 then you are hired on. You get retro pay for the time spent non paid in phase 1. I just hired on as a AC but it’s weird lirr pay us weekly only managers are bi weekly..I thought it was weekly all throughout MTA...I was scheduled for a drug test for the station agent as well but I don’t have any days I wanted to just have a back up just Incase.
  2. It depends I’m in training right now my class starts at 6:30 I live 20 mins away from hillside and I still have to get up at 4:30 just to catch the trains I need to get there 45 mins before so I cant even imagine the time you have to get up to get there on time.
  3. Flash cards is your best option what works a lot is reciting it out loud then after you gotten it right write it down I usually like to do the voice recorder after you recited it with no mistakes.. spelling and punctuation doesn’t matter...you be suprised everyone can write it down but when it comes down to the verbal when getting asked to recite a definition in class people have a hard time remembering.
  4. Is this all because of the east side access
  5. Congrats when did you take the test and another some rules have been changed and added and some signals replaced and definitions reworded. My book of rules is In 1 week lol one word you hear a lot in class is verbatim
  6. I have 3 pending 1 that is moving violation carrying points I just hired on with lirr as a assistant conductor I’m sure it’s the same process so your actually better of than I was
  7. I’m not sure but I don’t think so since it’s not a position that required you to have a driver license but don’t quote me on that I know parking tickets for sure they’ll send you home
  8. Lol those book of rules is no joke make sure you know all signals definitions and buzzers before going in the material will come at you fast
  9. I just got the letter I’m 14xx but how do I defer? and do you stay on the list when you defer or that’s it?
  10. Thank you first 3 days orientation..I think the fun begins the 14th
  11. I had gotten a call and a text message over the summer saying I wasn’t qualified either then the next day got a call and text message saying disregard what was said. I haven’t gotten anything since taking this exam but I just was hired for the lirr assistant conductor. Does anyone know why it took so long to hearanything ?
  12. Not really my background is still on complete consider and it says pending and I’m in the Jan class
  13. Once you clear the background you should receive but it depends on when your class is they schedule it around 1 month before
  14. I just got my medical for the January class. My paperwork was holding me back for a week.
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