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  1. I hope somebody see's this but I got an email to come in for the March 30th open house but it got postponed cuz of COVID. I was hoping someone else got an invite as well and if they ever heard anything
  2. ok so I got an email to do the aptitude test for the block operator trainee position (postponed because of this corona virus bullshit) but can somebody tell me how long the process takes after I take that test?
  3. Congrats to you guys that are getting sworn in for Jan 6th. Im going to DCAS that same day to request my name be restored to the list so wish me luck
  4. for those of you considering to transfer from A to B division? Just know its a crap ton more report locations and a lot more to deal with and I do believe there are trains you guys probably haven't even been on like the R46's and the new 179's. Make sure you guys get as much info as possible before you make a decision
  5. the union is diligently fighting against transit going autonomous
  6. you can go to the probation offie on the fourth floor at 130 Livingston and request it or you can go to schoolcar and ask them
  7. yeah got terminated now I'm looking to go to DCAS to have my name restored to the list
  8. Yup that and like a few latenesses, Once they take you outta service they'll find any reason to let you go when you're on probation. Go look at your file to see what's in there and discuss everything with a union rep. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to going through probation
  9. So this page definitely got dead Lol how’s everybody holding up? I got kicked for bad evaluations so now they’re saying to wait till January to go to DCAS and request my name be put back on the list
  10. For those of you who are in training please be mindful that everything you do fro schoolcar until ur probation is done will be kept in a file. Every G2 you wrote every lateness every evaluation u get from a TSS when you’re on your own is noted down in your file. God forbid you have a bad rep and taken out of service? you’re done for. You’re basically in survival mode until your probation so please do your best to stay low even if y'all gotta wear them raggedy ass pants cuz they will use anything against you. Be on time as well cuz they will let that shit pile up when ur on the road by yourself and throw the book at you when time comes
  11. Wish me luck guys. Idk how this process really works in regards to putting your name back on the list to try again but two union teps said i could do so, so its worth a shot
  12. Is it possible that you can ask him exactly how the process went for him. I got hit and was encouraged to put my name back on the list so im trying to figure out what to do and whats gonna happen
  13. Does anybody know someone that didnt make it through probation and put their name back on the list with DCAS
  14. Congrats!! Good luck and stay focused!!
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