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  1. I was lucky...got A like I wanted...B filled up quick and like 3 or 4 didn’t get a pick
  2. Most everyone today picked B...so the last few people didn’t get to pick and went to A
  3. Got passes...picked divisions...40 to B, 20 to A...that was our morning.
  4. History of Diabetes requires a form from MTA to be filled out by your Dr. and ALL lab results for 6 months (1 year worth is better). This is what got me on hold back in January. My sleep apnea and CPAP usage did not require a form, just documentation.
  5. Appointed today for 6/10 start! List number 852
  6. I’m 852 and going for my 2nd medical tomorrow. I cleared medical hold back in January and got stuck due to hiring freeze...
  7. I think it’s 18 inches...can’t remember
  8. 85x...see you Thursday morning!
  9. Also...anyone going in for P/E and filled out the paperwork that was emailed...it is the old form and they will make you redo it. If the first page of P/E application says they require 10 year work history, it is the old form. The newest form will come in the mail. I had to redo mine listing each employer since I graduated HS in 1990...
  10. Only thing he told us today was 60 to be hired for 6/11 start
  11. same phone number for my call... 646-663-5740
  12. Just got an email, phone call, and text to come in for PE #3...Wednesday 5/15
  13. Topic switch! Cleared medical hold in January, not appointed due to 1/28 class being filled while I was on hold...any ideas if I need to go through medical again or just the whiz quiz? My name was re-instated with DCAS and I did receive the confirmation from them. I e-mailed this question to the higher ups and have not received a response yet...
  14. Medical is actually no big deal IF you have no pre-existing conditions. Biggest ones are Diabetes and sleep apnea. If you have either of those, make sure that you have current labs done, and sleep study results and CPAP usage to show 70% usage for an average minimum of 4 hours per night, and AHI of 6 or less. Diabetes needs A1C of less than 9.0. Know your list of medications if you take any. Like stated further back, you will need the form from MTA to have your doctor fill out and sign...the quicker you can get back to clear a hold, the better! I missed getting appointed for 1/28 class due to this...
  15. Hold was cleared...then had to go to DCAS in person...1 Centre St, 21st floor and fill out a form, can only be done in person
  16. I was being considered for 1/28 class. I was placed on medical hold, and in the 10 calendar days that it took me to get the hold cleared, the 1/28 class filled up, and there are no classes scheduled after that one for the time being. My guess is that since I missed the class due to the hold, I was considered ‘deferred’...and was told to go to the Department of Citywide Administrative Services to put my name back on the eligible list. This had to be done in person... I’m only speculating that was the reason...being ‘deferred’...never got a straight answer.
  17. When I cleared my medical hold last week, no further classes scheduled after 1/28...had to go down to DCAS and put my name back in the list
  18. Didn’t get a straight answer...
  19. Had my medical today, and placed on medical hold (as expected). Nothing disqualifying, just need my Docs to fill out the paperwork later this week. I did ask about further classes after 1/28 and was told nothing ‘officially’ scheduled as of yet...still keeping my fingers crossed I’ll make it back to get in for the end of the month.
  20. I will ask about any further classes on Monday. I know I will be placed on medical hold anyway due to diabetes and sleep apnea with CPAP usage...so I may not make it into Jan 28th...earliest I can clear hold is Jan 9th after follow up sleep Dr. appointment that I have scheduled already.
  21. Just received my medical email. P/E on 11/13 medical on 12/31 list number 85x
  22. Thanks for the info... already talked to my doc ahead of time to have paperwork filled out the day I can bring it to him...just have to go to Scranton, PA to his office to do that so not a quick turnaround. Hope to run into you guys eventually on the job!

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