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  1. Thanks Jay-oh. Just got my letter to report May 3oth for pre-employment
  2. I'm new here too, but i think with a 90 you should get called,i just dont know when. If my list number is 538 with a 95 score, go figure. I suppose a bunch of people wont qualify for whatever reason, so hold tight, eventually your number will come up
  3. oh no😕. you definitely should appeal. Did you score above 90?
  4. I received a result notice today for the T/O Exam 7604. Test score: 95, List number: 5xx!!😰. I noticed from other threads that people with test scores > 93 got pre-employment letters. I am a US veteran with a clean record. Can anyone please explain why i didn't receive a pre-employment letter? Thanks.

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