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  1. Yeah they told us that today staying on extra extra varies how long u stay on that list? Or it lasts for a whole year?
  2. I’m in the B division hope I made right choice I’m like right in the middle so both could of worked. I just stuck with my original choice. 😭
  3. Yeah, that was sure embarrassing having to be told to get out.
  4. First day in the books anyone know when u pick ur shift and if u pick division and shift on same day? And how picking goes?
  5. Amen, it’s a safety sensitive job so I didn’t expect it to be simple.
  6. Yea I heard about the Kaka bag, I got one from amazon too. Damn guess the Rule and regulation book was just a appetizer lol
  7. This info is very much appreciated thank you,I live in uptown Manhattan. So it can work with A and B depending on how deep Bronx lines are. But 1 and 6 lines sound like a big deal cause I heard some stations you can’t open the whole train. Only the front.
  8. Damn now I might want the A division oh well gotta roll with the punches
  9. Easier how? Shoot might make me rethink it lol. Nothing is easy but if it’s somehow a easier path while getting through probation I’m listening lol
  10. Darn figured that’s what happened like the others said. Ugh I want the B division but a bad feeling it’s gonna be the A division
  11. Whew, Getting myself ready for Monday. Hope they let us pick divisions
  12. Yeah it was only 2 other guys getting hired as a conductor when I went.
  13. I guess he meant getting hired not officially till after training lol
  14. School car is Monday to Friday from like 7am-3pm. For about 6-8 weeks depending on division I heard.
  15. Yeah ur drug test probably expired. They should be close cause they already at the 1600s for medical. which means you will be in the August class most likely
  16. Yea don’t forget Money order it’s a all day process don’t wanna get to end and not finish cause of money order. Good luck!
  17. Thanks bro! Hope school car is going well for you I know it’s getting down to the last few exams and that practical.
  18. Anyone know when u order uniform for like the first day u just need the pants and shirt?
  19. You should call, you should be in the July class coming up if they already in the 1600s
  20. It expires in 2022, they could get up to 4k
  21. Ikr like shit, life happens and you can get caught up in stuff, guess they expect you to on point on the job and off the job staying out of trouble
  22. Lol thanks and thanks for the tip, I was worried for a minute
  23. Question guys do you get your MTA ID at orientation or after the medical. I’m going to be so pissed if you took photos and got it the same day which means I gotta go back

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