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  1. Awesome! Lol damn I guess it’s really true we really that strapped for conductors lol
  2. Congrats, happy new year! Order those boots ASAP.
  3. Wow God is good, he comes thru for all of us. Those who keeps the faith in him. 🙏🏾
  4. It came kind of quick, within a week. It comes in parts, I got the shirt fast but it took forever to get the pants. The MTA pants suck anyway lol.
  5. Yup, boots most important gotta have those ASAP. Oh yeah get a watch they gonna tell you to one before y’all split into classes. Must have that. I got a cheap one for 10 bucks that has regular and military time lol. No smart watch
  6. I forgot I had some old blue dress shirt I had for graduation so I just wore that and bought some navy blue pants. Everyone go have something completely different but most of the induction class had on the same color shirt for the most part.
  7. KAKA is good, plenty of space. Big but worth it. I still keep my books with me
  8. Definitely, what scheft said if anyone that’s getting sworned have any questions or needs any tips with schoolcar let us know. He got the A division stuff I got the B division stuff lol
  9. Congrats brother, welcome to transit!
  10. Exactly, like wtf. They be wanting to slay us over dumb shit. Another year? Insanity that’s def gotta be a fake rumor if they agree to that it’s a complete sell out
  11. I’m gonna flip if that’s the case gotta be freaking kidding me.
  12. Yup I heard those were the lines too I heard all the stories about lol. Truth a train and mdc is still a train and MDC. Some vet conductors said just Try the other division for a pick and see how it is. We in a longer pick tho till May so if y’all do move y’all gotta take what they give you till then
  13. I feel you, u already got the skills tho if u do come cause I must be hearing stories about the A division it makes u into a good conductor cause of how fast pace it is lol.
  14. Yeah I saw my schoolcar TSS teaching a A division to B division transfer class like two days ago. Did you write a G2 to transfer or you’re staying in the A?
  15. Awesome stuff, you should be in That one. They usually Send that Medical quick
  16. When you first come out they keep you close home. You start off as extra extra which means they can change your days off every week. But they for the most part don’t touch it every week once u go out on ur own. I’m on the A, B, C, and D train all the time been on the D Train so much The station stops and transfers are just burned into my brain lol. I live in uptown Manhattan so they they keep me on those lines which is good short commute. So hopefully you live by terminals or not too far from them.
  17. Yeah that was actually my preference. They started me off with PMs it was good experience. You want some stuff to happen so you know what to do and get the nerves out. PM rush hour is a whole different beast than AM rush. Now they give me midnights and so much more peaceful. When you get preference sheet they’ll give you midnights if that’s ur number #1 choice.
  18. It’s been fine, I’m on midnights has it’s perks less hectic but a lot of emotionally disturbed people as expected tho lol.
  19. That’s good! probably a class after holidays
  20. Yeah, that was expected people are so dumb they leave their brains on the street level when they come down to the subways. That Blue shirt makes u a target that’s why it’s always taken off after work and I wear the turtle neck now more often.
  21. Damn, least u was on new tech. Searching for that pull EBV is a pain in the ass
  22. Damn bro 😞, sorry that happened to you. Yeah a homeless guy pull the ebv on me two days ago. Hope the spit ain’t get on ur face. You can go out on comp but being a probation I already know that’s not a option for ya
  23. Facts, I know the feeling, waiting so long but it’s good motivation when u finally get the email, I studied like crazy to get through schoolcar, now gotta kick probations ass lol. So Just continue doing what u doing now it’ll come when u least expect it 💪🏾
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