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  1. Has anyone over 116* been called for the recent P/E’s?
  2. Thanks. Do you have to submit the job history info the day of the P/E or is that taken home?
  3. Thanks for the advice Imhim. I'll call them tomorrow. Do you know the documents required for the P/E?
  4. So my list # is 11**. I didn't get a letter or call for pre-employment. I appealed and had my appeal approved but no letter for pre-employment. Anyone know the highest list number they called for the recent P/E's?
  5. I put in an appeal about six months ago. They said I did not graduate high school when I actually have a college degree. Today I received the judgement on my appeal. They accepted my college degree. Just waiting to find out my list number. They said they'd mail that to me later. Hope everyone else who appealed gets good news.
  6. Has anyone heard back about an appeal? I called today and they said most people with appeals haven't been added to the list since most appeals haven't been processed yet. Apparently they were swamped with appeals. In my case I graduated high school overseas but have an American college degree and mailed my transcript in. Haven't heard back yet.
  7. How does the appeal process work? If they disqualify you incorrectly and you produce paperwork will they give you a list# based on test score. Are the list numbers set in stone already? Thanks.
  8. Thanks. Did you get the letter as well? Did you drop off the information.
  9. Thanks. Did you get the letter as well? Did you drop off the information.
  10. Got a letter today telling me I didn't qualify because they couldn't verify my foreign education. I have an American bachelors degree but a foreign high school diploma. Should the BA be equivalent to a High School Diploma?

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