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  1. It's almost impossible for a pregnant woman to be fired from any job for being pregnant. I'm pretty sure it's also unlawful to not hire someone because they're pregnant. Having said that, you probably wouldn't want to be pregnant while in School Car. You would be climbing in and out of trains and walking, stooping, standing in an unhealthy environment. Plus, you'd have the added stress of being in School Car while pregnant. Maybe you can defer until after you deliver.
  2. Sorry to hear about this. Ouch. As they say though, one door closes and another one opens. Do you think they sent the letter because they believe your tickets indicate you will become an unsafe train operator?
  3. I started Schoolcar today. Thought I'd make a note of my experience and anything that may help someone waiting to be hired: - The first day was orientation at the Union Hall. 65 Train Operators. 20-plus Conductors. A few cleaners. A few supervisors. There were also a few guys from Staten Island. - Lots of people were out of uniform. Maybe they just didn't care but I'm sure they'll learn the hard way. Some were even on cell phones while in the room, or late. Today HR was in charge, the atmosphere will probably change once we get to the school. - Andy Byford gave a pep speech. Seems like he knows his stuff. - The security briefing was also interesting. Given by an ex-cop. My takeaway: Someone's always watching/Don't break the rules. - There are more than two steps in the train operator pay. Basic yard pay then an intermediary step, then a road pay step. I didn't know that. Though it was just yard pay then road pay. - Night differential is about a 1.50. - The percentage we pay for our pension is based on 40 hours at your hourly rate. Overtime is not included in the calculation. - It was a diverse group. Some just a few years out of high school, some seniors, most in between. A lot more men than women. - It's great to have a pension but the pension plan we have is not as great as prior pension plans. I'm grateful but jealous of Tiers 1-4. - The medical coverage begins 90 days after today, our first day. Then I think we have to wait for the 1st of the month after our 90th day. That's a long time. - Tomorrow we start at 7am at the school.
  4. You're right, the A division is a no-brainer if you live in the Bronx. If you live in Manhattan it's a little trickier, everything becomes equidistant. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks. That's helpful. I guess by flexibility I meant a little more room to make mistakes, but you already answered that. I hope the next class gets an opportunity to pick.
  6. Are there major differences between the A and B Divisions other than the depot locations and the length of schoolcar? - Does one division have more turnover? - Can you pick a regular job earlier in one division? - Is there more flexibility in one?
  7. Again. Thanks for your perspective. It's valid and much needed. I think the issue here is culture. You're dealing with two organizations that have completely different cultures. From what I've gathered the culture at the MTA seems to: - Assume the employee is lazy and ignorant. - Sees the employee as disposable with thousands of people waiting to take his job. - Be highly punitive. - Cares less about employee comfort and focuses on performance. There may be a reason for this culture. - Perhaps many people come on board who simply don't want to work. - Perhaps many people can't handle a focus on performance. - Perhaps, as someone mentioned, there are patterns of institutional bias. - Perhaps that's just the way it's always been. Whatever the reason, you just have to decide whether you want to put up with the culture of a particular organization. Your perspective helps people decide.
  8. Thanks a million for this. It's a perspective people really need to hear. The hiring process made me really think long and hard about the MTA. Are you still a conductor? You mentioned people being written up for lateness and not having their books. What other infractions can one be written up for?
  9. Do you really dislike being a conductor that badly? I would think it might be easier than being a TO.
  10. Thanks in advance for your help. What would happen to a Train Operator who completed probation and then decided to become a Conductor? - Would you have to start at the Conductor's beginning pay rate? - Would you lose your seniority? - Would you be able to return to the Train Operator title? I'm heading to TO schoolcar soon and the reason I ask is because I'm on both lists and have heard Conductor is a less stressful title.
  11. I passed the medical and was sworn in today. List #118*. I asked the employee who swore me in about the August class. It's not full yet. Doesn't seem like a September class is scheduled. I had to sit quietly for a while to get my blood pressure reading down. If you have white coat hypertension ask them to let you sit for a bit. After five minutes mine was normal.
  12. There's room for you. I think medicals are scheduled for the rest of the week. Hopefully you'll get sworn in with me. I have a medical tomorrow.
  13. 118* here. Email for the medical came this afternoon. Scheduled for next week. Maybe I will see you guys in August.
  14. Thanks for the update. Congrats on getting sworn in. It seems like they’re moving slowly. 118* here and I may have to wait till the next class.
  15. Congrats!!!! We appreciate the update. Did you get a sense of how full the August class is?
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