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  1. So right now I have 4037 a NG being tracked on the Q19. Can someone please see if this is a loan to CP?
  2. While we are on topic, I'm happy about the news regarding the fact that we have a new 5 car set arriving which is good progress for the R179 contract. My question is regarding 3070-3073, is it even on property or being sent over to NYCT yet? Also where will it go? My guess is the C since it will complete the last 8 car set formation
  3. Can anyone answer the question of whether or not the next C/R Exam is given right after this one expires (2022) or if it could be given out earlier? Wanted to know to see when I would be able to take it myself in the coming years
  4. That would just lead to another problem with r32 HVACs since the C never goes outside. Leaving them on the A at least gets them some air time
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