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  1. Every time I’ve taken my pre employment (4x already), they mention outstanding parking and moving violations need to be satisfied. If it’s not much money and no points, i would just pay it
  2. Waiting for the drug test now. June 10 and July classes will each have 40 people per class. Class time will most likely be 3p-11p, Saturday and Sunday off.
  3. No, did not ask. Still exciting news!! I’m high 1300s so hoping I am in!!
  4. Just spoke with Ms. Vargas - next class date is June 10!!!
  5. They will have the class date on Monday, which is tentative for early June. Sorry for any confusion.
  6. Called TA. Date will be given on Monday. Early June tentative.
  7. Anybody hear of a date for the next class?
  8. Just got 2 different emails and a call regarding my 4th pre-employment....
  9. Probably will be multiple classes
  10. Great news!! Any dates you hear?
  11. Was advised today that there is a freeze but not for operational employees (ie. conductor, t/o). Hoping for a class soon.
  12. Just frustrating to say the least. Figures the freeze would occur when I’m a shoe in for the next class lol
  13. What’s a long time? Months? Or a year?
  14. Did anybody hear of a hiring freeze? Classes were about every month. Figures they skip a month when I’m high 1300’s and they’re up to 1320 lol
  15. Called yesterday, nothing scheduled as of now.

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