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  1. First week down. 24 years, 51 weeks to go!!
  2. Nervous and excited about tomorrow!! Any tips anyone has to help prepare for the big day?
  3. On the green paper, it says boots required for Tuesday. So I think you’ll be fine. Additionally, I’m sure you’re not the only person that was sworn in less than a week before the class date and didn’t have their boots the first day. I can’t imagine it’ll be a big deal.
  4. Be there no later than 630a. TRUST ME
  5. Are Dickies navy long pants with the cargo pockets okay to buy for class?
  6. The itinerary they gave says that you don’t need them until Tuesday the 11th. I think you’ll be fine - especially considering you have 3 days before you start.
  7. Ordered my boots Thursday night, got them yesterday. Caterpillars. Very very comfortable from just trying them on.
  8. Hey everyone. I was sworn in today. List number 138X. Good luck everyone and thank you all so much for any guidance you have given me. Question for those who have gone to school car - what boots are most comfortable? Lol and also are Dickies navy blue pants okay for the first day? Thank you in advance!!
  9. Can anyone who has completed medical and final processing private message me, please?
  10. To those who have completed final Processing, I am unsure of actual start dates for my college and high school, as well as actual start and end dates with my jobs. What am I supposed to do? Can I estimate?
  11. Hey guys. I am a NYC resident. Do I need to bring proof to show that I am? It is advising I do but my drivers license does not suffice?
  12. Hi all. When you get called for medical, do you get your start date the day of medical? Or do you wait for another email with the official offer?
  13. Spoke with Ms. Vargas yesterday. She said emails should be starting next week and the following week. High 1300s with fingers crossed!!
  14. Every time I’ve taken my pre employment (4x already), they mention outstanding parking and moving violations need to be satisfied. If it’s not much money and no points, i would just pay it
  15. Waiting for the drug test now. June 10 and July classes will each have 40 people per class. Class time will most likely be 3p-11p, Saturday and Sunday off.
  16. No, did not ask. Still exciting news!! I’m high 1300s so hoping I am in!!
  17. Just spoke with Ms. Vargas - next class date is June 10!!!
  18. They will have the class date on Monday, which is tentative for early June. Sorry for any confusion.
  19. Called TA. Date will be given on Monday. Early June tentative.
  20. Anybody hear of a date for the next class?
  21. Just got 2 different emails and a call regarding my 4th pre-employment....
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