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  1. Yes, the August class begin on the 13th. I will be in it. Anyone know which boots are the most comfortable on the website?
  2. Well, the letters that we received did say that the official list will be established either in June or July. Yesterday while finishing final processing, I was told that on paper, I am listed as provisional but that the official list will be released around mid July. Being that everyone commenting here is still waiting for preemployment or the medical, it doesn't really matter since the list will have become official by the time class starts. Even those who began in June, it won't matter much since not much time will have passed before the list was made official.
  3. Just got my letter for the medical. Here are the details: List #- Low 400's 5/18- Preemployment and drug test 7/12- Medical 8/13- scheduled for class So all this time since preemployment, I have not heard from MTA until my email today. Good luck to all, just hang in there if you've already had PE and the drug test.
  4. well, I did my PE on 5/18 and my list # is low 400's, but I haven't been called for the medical yet. I'm guessing I will be called for the August class but most likely September if they don't call me back for the medical. It's been 50 days since my PE and we were told to wait up to 90 days to be called in for the medical...
  5. Were you placed on medical hold by any chance? Hopefully they call you soon. I'm still waiting for the medical appointment. Does anyone know whether going by the open competetive list will slow things down for those yet to be called for medical?
  6. I'm anxiously waiting to be called for the medical. I keep checking for the email all the time hoping I don't miss it. 😲
  7. Still waiting for the medical also. List # low 400's and I was in for preemployment & drug test on 5/18
  8. When did you go for the drug test/preemployment date? Im curious to know how soon after the drug test are people called back for their medical?
  9. They have started to send out the official test results and list # this week.
  10. No, I am still waiting to be called back for the medical. I was in on 5/18 for the drug test.
  11. They started calling people off the list even though the final list has not been established because they need T/O asap due to retirements. I'm not sure how long it will take for others to get called after they fill these early positions. Keep in mind that just because people got called it doesn't mean that they are a lock for the position. If you are missing documents or have outstanding tickets/violations or fail the drug/medical tests, you are disqualified. Also, training is not easy and people then can still get disqualified if they don't meet the test requirements. There will be several tests throughout training.
  12. When did you go for the drug test?
  13. Congrats and good luck! When did you go in for the medical test? And how long after the drug test did you wait to get called/emailed back. I went in for the drug test last friday 5/18 and I am anxious to find out when/if they will call me back. After the drug test a gentleman at the front desk told a group of us to wait 3-90 days for a reply. My list # was between 400-415 and my grade was a 95. I was called in for the preemployment process for the temporary train operator positions they needed to fill. Wish me luck!
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