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  1. I did I sent it out it said " I did not indicate if i had one" so I sent my drivers license since I no longer have my permit with the date on it. Now its just a waiting game totally upset this pushed back a few of our process.
  2. No im upset they can't give us our scores or listing number because we was dq'd they stated after the appeal get a granted then we will be available to receive our score and rank.
  3. Same here pleaded for a mistake on my part or there's not to let it hinder my opportunity. I really gave em my all . I hope this best please stay in touch so we both can give each other results on our appeals best of luck to you .
  4. Thanks man really appreciate your help hopefully things will turn out to be the best thanks .
  5. I just checked and you two are correct it states license . but on my letter it states drivers license or permit on Monday I will call to double check and still appeal the process and hopefully things go well.
  6. I'm hoping so to I'm going to look back at the exam requirements thanks for your feedback.
  7. You needed to have a drivers license or permit by the exam filing period yes . I had a permit by the time they call you you have to have a license I now have my license . my question is my license shows Sept 17 as issue date but I had my permit since 2015 idk how to prove so .
  8. Ok because that just mean like we didnt check off drivers license or permit or didn't tell them we did have one .... I had my permit at the time license now ... Hopefully they don't assume I just got my license on the date it shows on my I'd .
  9. Did they say you didn't or did they say "YOU DID JOT INDICATE THAT YOU POSSESS THE REQUIRING LICENSE AND OR PERMIT" sorry for caps but mine said I did not indicate which I did amd I don't have a license with a date before then I have a new license due to me losing my old I'd .
  10. Male sure you filled it out correct and I had the same issue except they claimed I did not indicate if i had a permit or drivers license so I been calling last week everyday ... They say it could take up to 6 months for you to hear back on your appeal smh this hinders our process where we might have been called but this pushed us back drastically.
  11. Every 2 weeks .... Some months my mom gets 2 checks so she gets 3 checks that's because the 2 week cycle ... My uncle the same he's a bus operator.
  12. Bi weekly never weekly ... My mother aunt uncle and cousin in the mta..
  13. Your a real man and I appreciate people like you .... I fully understand I was speaking from my point of view .... I have faith they will allow you to push it back best wishes to on and congrats I hope you all the best .
  14. I completely understand a lot of you guys have vacations you have plans but come on man this a opportunity that I wouldn't put to the side.... I need to appeal a mistake that was made and didn't even get my list number I would've left Africa on a boat just to attend ..... No bashing just I'm upset with myself for forgetting to put permit on my application.
  15. This is the only letter and it states therefore you will not be permitted to participate further. No test results nothing just a dq.
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