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  1. But what about those of us that already did PE? Are we part of that certain amount that they need, or..... 😩
  2. Yes, that’s what I noticed too. It wasn’t very active at all this week.
  3. Does anyone know if they’re still bringing people in for PE?
  4. Once the list officially drops it won’t be provisional anymore, it’ll be permanent. The list is supposed to come out June/July.
  5. But they did say to look out for an email for the medical between 3-90 days. I would hope that they don’t leave us hanging.
  6. You can’t have any outstanding tickets, zero balance, nothing pending or else you won’t be able to go further until they are cleared. I believe that applies to all states.
  7. Are they still bringing people in for pre employment?
  8. From what I saw on here the last set of medical emails went out on Friday and it was people in the 200/300 range who went to PE around the 15th-17th.
  9. When you go back for medical do you have to bring your IDs and HS Diploma again?
  10. When did you go in for preemployment?
  11. Did she say when the next class is after August?
  12. I didn’t leave until 5 because of the back up in the lab 😩.


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