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  1. My drug test expires on the 29th.
  2. When I was at PE they definitely told us that all violations had to be paid, including red light and parking tickets.
  3. You have to pay them before they call you for PE.
  4. On the PE letter it says change of contact info should be sent to: NYC Transit, Personnel Testing and Selection Unit, 180 Livingston Street, Room 4070, Brooklyn NY 11201, or email examsunit@nyct.com. Include your old contact information. It also says you need to notify DCAS by filling out a Data Correction Form. Include your ss#, exam title and exam number.
  5. Thanks. I wasn’t aware of the first date of PE.
  6. For some. Everyone didn’t get their letter at the same time.
  7. Has anyone passed the 90 days and not heard from medical?
  8. Yeah I called this morning and it’s not listed yet.
  9. July 10? What’s your #? I went in May and haven’t heard anything.
  10. Yes, I believe some were saying they were contacted for an August 13 class.
  11. How did you find out you passed the drug test? I did mine end of May and haven’t heard anything.
  12. But then what happens when we’re out of school car and it’s time to pick for vacations, etc. Those things usually go by seniority so how does that work?
  13. How is that fair though if everything is supposed to be by seniority?
  14. Wow, that puts a lot in perspective. Can you keep us updated as to whether you get in the July class?


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