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  1. You may want to give 180 Livingston a call to ask about your eligibility.
  2. You’re gonna spend time at every terminal and every yard in The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn. However, we spent a lot of time at Coney Island Yard.
  3. They don’t really care what kind of grey. As long as it’s grey.
  4. The only things you’ll be lifting is your 30 lb bag during school car, and yourself out of bed to goto work lol. Apply handbrakes could take a toll on your back if you do it improperly, but other than that, not really.
  5. The Wolverines are super roomy and comfortable. Some people like the caterpillars, but they’re pretty narrow in the toe area.
  6. A lot of people misconstrue the relationship between TO and CR as one person being in charge of the other. The relationship is set up with checks and balances to best promote safety and efficiency (yes, sometimes they don't go hand in hand nor are these two things always present). I don't want to get into a full on description of what processes we need to follow when operating, but just know that the TO and CR are required to work in tandem. A train being taken OOS is really up to RCC, the train crew just reports the issue(s) to control and they make that decision.
  7. The top pay difference isn't much more than $4-5. Also, the reason why TOs get paid more is because of the level of engagement and responsibility in their job. Conductors don't have an easy job, and they have to deal with a lot of BS that Train Ops don't, but in between stations, C/R's have a bit of downtime. Train Ops do not, we must pay full attention to everything on the road/radio/stations when operating. There cannot be a lapse in concentration or you risk your job. Also, a CR going to TO is considered a promotional movement, so there's that. Don't buy into the CR vs TO mentality, because at the end of the day, we're partners, and our shared goal is to do the job, and go home to our families the same way we came into work - alive, in one piece, and employed.
  8. It’s not that hard. Just pay attention, study, and listen to your instructors. It’s a very simple thing; put in the work, and succeed. There will be a lot of information and it will be overwhelming, but you’ll learn to sift through information that is nice to know and information that you NEED to know. Talk to your classmates and help each other out. Most of the classes in my induction class were having issues because they didn’t like each other. I had an incredibly easy time because my class is close knit. Be humble and open to criticism. You’ll be fine, just put in the effort.
  9. Received confirmation from reliable source (school car supervision) that there will be classes for June, July, and August. Be patient. The call will come.
  10. Whoever told you school car for TO is 100 days gave you the wrong info. Approximately 6 month for A div. Approximately 8 months for B div. Source: I’m in the December class. Our scheduled date to “graduate” is in late July.
  11. I seem to recall 17” is the cutoff.
  12. Congrats to everybody getting called in for their PE. If you have questions about the process, what to expect, feel free to ask or send me a PM. May the process be as smooth for you as possible.
  13. That’s what I mean; Livingston stated that operational titles aren’t a part of the freeze, so that’s what should be accepted as true.
  14. Down here, you’ll find that there’s a lot of information going around and it’s hard to differentiate what is true and what isn’t. I know Train Ops aren’t on a freeze, and I was told Conductors aren’t either, but only Livingston knows the truth.
  15. Non-operational means titles that are not Train Op or Conductor in this regard.

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