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  1. Sit back, relax, and enjoy life.
  2. It’s not difficult. Also, don’t say “drive” because certain instructors/coworkers will break your balls about it. Just like you shouldn’t call a radio a “walkie talkie”. Lol
  3. If I may pass some advice along. Wait for the TO call. Don’t go for conductor. Word through the grapevine is that this was the last open competitive TO exam. Best to go for it now. Also, just updating; Yard posting now, doing mostly PM tours, insanely easy, can’t wait to start road ops.
  4. Thanks buddy. Good luck to you as well! Yeah I made sure that wouldn’t happen again lol.
  5. It's best if you learn that from a TSS versus from me.
  6. Good luck to you guys! Don't worry, it's pretty easy, just make stay on top of the signals. Also, don't forget that you guys will need to key-by automatics and accept call-ons for the signal practical.
  7. You’ll know if you failed. Considering that you need 100% on the signal test or you lose your job, I don’t see why they would wait a week to tell you.
  8. Thank you bro. My whole class crushed it. Easy.
  9. Taking the signal exam and signal practical today, honestly not even nervous about it. I just want to get it over with already.
  10. Yeah man, I definitely plan on it. I mean, I’m not gonna study for the first week when I start YX, I need a little time to turn my brain off when I get home lol.
  11. The test was ridiculously easy, both of them. TB-12 is my class number. I’m sitting right in front of Medford atm.
  12. Any employer past or present, as long as you were employed by them for at least 1 year continuously.
  13. Exactly. Just take it easy and don’t obsess over it too much, and I know it’s easier said than done, but do your best. I got my medical email when I didn’t expect it and it was a pleasant surprise. The less you think about it, the sooner it comes. Also, what Imhim said about schoolcar lacking the TSS’ to handle the volume of induction classes is true, not to mention the C/R and Flagging classes they need to juggle. If it makes you feel better, as soon as the TSS’ schedules start clearing up, you will be called because there’s a desperate need for T/O’s down here. Enjoy the freedoms you have now that you won’t have when you start classes, because I guarantee that you will have to make sacrifices for schoolcar when you start, whether it be sleep, a hobby, or time with your family/friends.
  14. They always say that there’s no classes scheduled until they actually start calling people. If a TSS told whoever mentioned the March classes that they will be scheduled, then there’s a good chance it’s true. Also, considering the fact that TSS’ can start teaching a new class as soon as their original class starts YX, y’all should expect a call in or around March. My entire induction starts YX in March, so the timeline matches. Have faith and be patient. Good luck!
  15. Maybe it’s because my mask is a black face mask, but my TSS and other TSS’ I’ve asked said it’s no bueno.

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