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  1. Welcome to the suck. Think of it this way - it can only get better from here.
  2. I've ran into multiple school car TSS' on the road recently. So yes.
  3. Oh I believe it. From my understanding - he's calmed down a lot and kept his nose clean, so he probably learned what not to do.
  4. Yes, I was told by a TSS, and the one who did it was my homeboy. You don’t have to believe me, as long as I didn’t hit anything I’m chillin @Jericho People have been fired for hitting their first home ball, but people have also skated with a slap on the wrist for the same infraction. You, Famoso, and I all know that discipline down here is not consistent across the board. Also - I found it funny, so I told the anecdote 😂
  5. Hey man I’m just posting what was told to me by a TSS lol. You can guarantee what you want, but he’s still down here tearing the road up 😂
  6. Didn't hear about the situation, maybe it was in the A division. The way I see it - everybody deserves a chance. Of course, if I get offered a student, I'll want to visually size them up, see how they carry themselves and ask them some questions. Students make mistakes, I made some when I was posting, it's a part of the learning process. I recall my schoolcar TSS mentioning a notice or memo where the trainer wouldn't be punished when a student made a mistake, he was talking about it with a TO that said he was reluctant to take students for the same reasons you stated. I gotta look that document up. The way I see it, if I can do it, anyone can - and they made it this far through schoolcar already, so they have to be at least semi-capable. Also - students are protected by schoolcar, so if they mess up - it's not a cardinal sin like for the rest of us, so there's that safety net. I know a buddy in my induction group that hit maybe 3 or 4 homeballs from YX to posting, he's still down here and on the road.
  7. I'm looking forward to getting some extra money from taking students lol.
  8. Unfortunately, schoolcar is suspended until this pandemic starts winding down. It also doesn't help that they were already short schoolcar TSS' to begin with. But, the good news is that, like @I Run Trains said; there's going to be a large wave of retirements soon, freeing up more job openings. For the time being - take care of yourself and your family, be safe, be patient, and you'll get called when everything mellows out.
  9. Considering the state of things...lists will get extended and positions will open up, you can count on that. Just stay safe for the time being and take care of yourself, the job will open up eventually.
  10. I see your point. I'm just saying - when in revenue service, you're afraid to try things with these trains. When you get the chance to see how far you can push the equipment, do it. The road will always be there, don't rush yourself. You already got the job, so why not learn a little more to make it easier? As for your concern about them making you do schoolcar again; I doubt it. At most they'll make you post all over again.
  11. Enjoy it while it lasts, and be careful. Also, take this time to really play with the trains. I guarantee that you'll end up doing a couple of transfers; these are the BEST times to really get a feel for the SMEE's, (I personally think New Techs are like playing a video game). I know the rules say that you shouldn't stop in stations while running light, but now's the perfect time. There's barely anyone out, you're alone on that train, you're not in revenue service, and if you over run a station - so what? Just don't go hitting signals. Check the aspect of the leaving signal in a station, if it's green - try blasting into the station and stopping at the 10 w/ a single brake pull - pay attention to the duplex air gauge. It'll build your confidence, and it's fun. You'll be surprised how late you can pull that brake and still stop where you need to.
  12. This job isn’t for everyone. Or maybe he has other circumstances where he needs to go back to his former title. The material isn’t hard - just a large amount of things to memorize. You should speak to the school & your instructors. They will direct you to the proper person to talk to. Idk about how long it takes to place you back in your former title, but it shouldn’t take long (TA always works fast when it comes to saving their money).
  13. It seems like this happens every time a new YX class comes out.
  14. If you say so. Either way - it's not a regular technique I use anyway.
  15. I beg to differ. I've done pop & stops on R68's and boy those suckers slammed the brakes hard when I got under 5 mph. Every train brakes differently, even if it's the same type.
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