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  1. Did you see the memo sent out by Foye? We should take that into consideration as well.
  2. Show up by 6am at least. It’s not a matter of when they open; because a line will form outside the building before they open.
  3. Get there early, finish early.
  4. Pretty sure you need a drivers license.
  5. Yeah, some of these TSS’ get bored and they wanna mess with the newbies a little. It’s really not hard. The main thing that gets you in trouble down here is inattention. Schoolcar (if you have a good class) is probably the most fun you’ll have down in transit.
  6. The union hall or other location for your initial orientation is in downtown Brooklyn. The school where they sort you into classes is located in Brooklyn close to Coney Island. As for actual class, you’ll be all over the system of your respective division (A/B).
  7. It’s really not hard. Just a lot of information to digest. A good TSS will be able to break it down to where you’re focused on the important things instead of the fluff.
  8. One step at a time. Thousands before you have got through training with no problems, why shouldn’t you? If I could do it, anyone can.
  9. Congrats to those getting called for medical processing. When you get your report location & time - make sure you’re punctual. The first few day you’re probably going to be at the union hall, after that you’ll be at the school before they split you into classes: If you’re going to drive to the school, I suggest getting there at least 30 mins - 1 hr early to find parking. Don’t park in the school parking lot unless you somehow have a TA parking permit. Wear the approved boots you got off the website & the proper clothing as specified in the paper you receive after being sworn in. Good luck!
  10. Welcome to the suck. Think of it this way - it can only get better from here.
  11. I've ran into multiple school car TSS' on the road recently. So yes.
  12. Oh I believe it. From my understanding - he's calmed down a lot and kept his nose clean, so he probably learned what not to do.
  13. Yes, I was told by a TSS, and the one who did it was my homeboy. You don’t have to believe me, as long as I didn’t hit anything I’m chillin @Jericho People have been fired for hitting their first home ball, but people have also skated with a slap on the wrist for the same infraction. You, Famoso, and I all know that discipline down here is not consistent across the board. Also - I found it funny, so I told the anecdote 😂
  14. Hey man I’m just posting what was told to me by a TSS lol. You can guarantee what you want, but he’s still down here tearing the road up 😂
  15. Didn't hear about the situation, maybe it was in the A division. The way I see it - everybody deserves a chance. Of course, if I get offered a student, I'll want to visually size them up, see how they carry themselves and ask them some questions. Students make mistakes, I made some when I was posting, it's a part of the learning process. I recall my schoolcar TSS mentioning a notice or memo where the trainer wouldn't be punished when a student made a mistake, he was talking about it with a TO that said he was reluctant to take students for the same reasons you stated. I gotta look that document up. The way I see it, if I can do it, anyone can - and they made it this far through schoolcar already, so they have to be at least semi-capable. Also - students are protected by schoolcar, so if they mess up - it's not a cardinal sin like for the rest of us, so there's that safety net. I know a buddy in my induction group that hit maybe 3 or 4 homeballs from YX to posting, he's still down here and on the road.
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