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  1. Jay...TB10 here... To the other guy: im not getting testy....just trying to put 2 topics to rest....over the last two weeks, its the only thing anyone has been discussing, while multiple people have already answered the questions numerous times... Like I said, yes, hiring has slowed down, but the constant same 2 questions are going to drive people away from this thread who have REAL questions that should be addressed and supplied with helpful answers...
  2. Not at all...im already in ....YX...
  3. Ok...listen...the smoking weed thing has to stop... IT WILL NOT EVER BE ALLOWED... You are operating a 15million dollar piece of equipment, filled with over 1,000 people... They will never allow someone who could potentially be high, operating one of these trains, when there are 100s of people who dont get high, wether for recreational or medical purposes... Please put an end to it... And the license debate, didnt upon signing up for the test it stated that this was a requirement..why complain now...if you want a job that could potentially over your career net you over 2 million dollars... GO GET ONE and stop questioning... I know hiring has slowed down, but these topics are just getting completely off topic.
  4. Correct...you need to hold the position for 1 year(probation is over)...so not too bad, cause even if t.o passes your number, as long as you defer it and stay on the list, when you are ready to go for t.o., you'll be in the next class available.
  5. Here is what you should do...Take the conductors position...Defer the T/O position until you complete your probation as conductor. Once you make your year, then take the T.O position. By that time, your number may have been called, so you will probably be included in the very next class they schedule. Then if you fail or dont like t.o., your posituon as conductor will be safe!!
  6. Once again...my TSS....a VETERAN to MTA....was just with the superintendent yesterday and was told that once my class goes YX...they will start with more classes..They have many many classes going on, they are just simply spread way to thin at the moment. I'm sure you guys waiting patiently, your time will cone soon... P.S....operating a train is the easiest part of this job...fun too!!! Put your time in studying...allow yourself to decompress...learn the signals in small chunks...wait to get the MTA signal definition, dont think about using Google definitions and sites...most signals definitions have patterns, so its not like 100 random definitions...put your time in, and it will be easier than you think!
  7. As per my TSS....march should have a class being put together....waiting on my class to go yx
  8. I started schoolcar this week...Division B!!!
  9. Yea...it kinda sucks..i'd like to add more to the group, but dont because of this.
  10. I am having the same issue, I need to reset password everytime I sign in....
  11. @jay @lirrmedford Fellow dec 17th classmate...I live in shirly, on long island...medford I know where you are from...out this way....where you from jay? Definitely interested in some study group type thing...whatever helps us all pass this training!!! Life changer much needed with this job...
  12. Current TO's In the boot store, what are you all choosing? Which boot? Are the hiker style o.k? Better off with a boot style? Any info could help. I know this was brought up already, but not much info regarding this is currently here?
  13. Well I am in!!! List 53* Pre Employment 11/6 Medical and Sworn in on 11/16 December 17th class... Nov 26th is full...
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