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  1. How many R179 sets are in revenue service as we speak? Hopefully this helps to debunk the Facebook rumor.
  2. How many R160 sets are still for service?
  3. 4369 is running on the Bx2 right now and it doesn’t appear to be on KB’s roster. It has KB decals as well.
  4. Did any of the R160s being moved happen to be Siemens sets?
  5. My favorite part about the Jamaica/Coney equipment swap is the R68/A running on the frequently. Also, is it just me or are R68/A being used on the more often as well?
  6. Let’s not forget that one R68A that ran yesterday as well! Not sure about the ’s fleet today though.
  7. I saw 9000 on the yesterday heading up to Forest Hills at around 2PM
  8. I highly doubt the R46s will last another full week at Jamaica Yard. Also, Siemens is something I can definitely get used to... Haha
  9. Anyways, I’ve been sitting at Jackson Heights - Roosevelt Avenue for about 30 minutes waiting for an R46 R to pop up. Hasn’t been any so far.
  10. I'm feeling a lot of static on this thread today... lol
  11. What I want to know is when, if ever, will the R46s hit the ? I have my doubts on this happening since Concourse Yard usually only holds/maintains R68/As. I wonder what the future holds in this area?
  12. Yes, they're all over the . Sometimes, even on weekends, four R46 trains will pull into Court Square before even one R68/A!
  13. Chief, I haven't the slightest clue of what you're saying.
  14. Any news on car swaps as of late? I've been seeing that R46s & R68/A have been appearing on the more often than not lately...
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