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  1. Yep, that's exactly what the voicemail said. It didn't say anything about the medical or a start date or anything. Just told me to come in with those documents. I thought I was going for final processing, but just turned out to be another drug test 😒
  2. When I went on Friday it was only the drug test. Still no start date for me.
  3. Nice, did they give details to you on what we’re going to do? I missed the call & just got a voicemail so I wasn’t able to ask questions
  4. Good morning everyone, I got a voicemail this morning saying to report to Livingston on the 21st for OA. I did both medicals already, but I’m assuming they expired so I may have to retake them. I hope that I don’t even have to do that & they just take my ID photo & give me a start date.. but hopefully this is a good sign that they’ll be hiring again 😁
  5. Hmm, not for this exam. I probably took it for 7105. Sounds good! Thanks for the info as usual 👍
  6. Went for pre-employment about two weeks ago & I just got an email to come in for my BOSS exam next week. I thought the BOSS exam was before pre-employment & medical was the next step after pre-employment? Young, do you know anything about this?
  7. Lol, same here.. We've both been stuck in the same situation 😭
  8. Yes, you need all three.. general knowledge, passenger & air brakes. Even if you pass air brakes and passenger, they won't give you your permit until you pass general knowledge.
  9. I got a phone number for someone in the hiring department. She told me that all vacancies are full for 11/12 just like Racneb mentioned. So yup, I’m thinking all of us who had medicals on 10/23-10/25 are going to be for 11/26. Fingers crossed.
  10. Wow, good thing you did that. We were there until 8pm. Were you able to take an ID picture or get a start date after that? No problem, will do. Hopefully they call me today to follow up.
  11. Was anybody there today for the medical assessment? We had to wait 8 hours for our second drug test & couldn’t get our ID photos taken because the lab was “busy” 😡. I hope they call us tomorrow or Friday to make it in time for that class on Monday.
  12. Yup, let's hope so. Thanks! 👍
  13. Hey everyone, About 4-5 months ago I sent an appeal form to Livingston because they said I did not have the requirements for the position although I did. Does anyone know how I can check the status of the appeal? Maybe a phone number, or would I have to go to Livingston? I remember a few others had the same issue, not sure if anyone has heard back about this. Thanks in advance.
  14. 6 months?! Wow that sucks. I was hoping it would at least be in the next 30 days. Thanks.
  15. Hey guys, I got my letter in the mail last week saying I was disqualified for not having the work experience required but have been working for years now. Looks like a lot of people got disqualified who shouldn’t have been, I’m assuming that may be why the list seems so short this time? I mailed out the appeal form, anyone know how long it may take to hear back? Really hoping I could get on this list. Good luck to everyone by the way
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