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  1. You have TSS Greene? Who is the other TSS, I had him as well
  2. So you live right over by me 😂. I’ll see you around! Enjoy Monday through Friday 7-3 while it lasts ha, congrats
  3. I am currently a provisional employee, probation is one year from induction date, union hall confirmed l during induction week
  4. Incorrect, probation starts right away even when provisional
  5. Awesome! We just finished up r32s and r42s for the most part, right behind ya!
  6. Union confirmed, they represent you and also probation all starts on induction day, not after list is established. It’s when you are temporary, not provisional
  7. Can you elaborate on the subdivision part? I’m not knowledgeable in that, thanks
  8. Alright, anyone else? I’m exit 64 myself
  9. Anyone from Eastern Long Island (Suffolk) and in the August 13th class?
  10. Anyone have any idea how much it costs per biweekly check for each of the health plan options? Thanks
  11. Medical emails are starting to/are being sent out for the August class! Good luck everyone!
  12. I did my PE on 5-17 list number 35x, no medical email as well
  13. When do the August class emails get sent out? (If anyone knows)
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