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  1. Answered my own question again. Sorry gang. Just inconvenient that many of us are having difficulty logging in
  2. Is the BSC number they ask for on the safgard site your employee ID? If so I still can’t login
  3. Tons of typos, sorry, holding a pile of shirts as I typed lol
  4. Happy to have this opportunity, but a bit turned off by how everything was handled in terms of notice. I was at my old job for a long time and I wa wonky able to have Friday to say goodbye and let them know it was my last day. Now they want us to have all these things. Again, glad I have the opportunity, but everything just feels so rushed.
  5. Is the website working for you? I’ve tied a couple times and saying there’s no domain with that name.
  6. I got hired today also. Long day is an understatement!!! Congrats!
  7. Thanks brotha. Honestly I had accepted that July would be my medical. You know how things have been happening later rather than sooner lol
  8. Ok, well, looks like I just got the email as well. Surprised but excited!!! June 4th class.
  9. Congrats and good luck!! Thanks for the info
  10. I thought it was conjecture based off of phone calls people had made. Regardless, I’m high 400’s and have received nothing yet. As we’ve all witnessed this is a long and strange process with many twists and turns.
  11. That’s my assumption as well. My entire attitude with this process has been “I’ll hear from them when I hear from them”. Helped in keeping me centered while I wait for this career change. Honestly, I don’t take the numbers thrown around on the forum too seriously. They’re a decent gauge, but I prefer seeing the posts from folks who have actually gotten into the class, or the ranges of people invite for PE/medical. I’m not expecting anything this week, but wouldn’t mind the surprise lol.
  12. Hey gang, been following this forum for the two years since the initial exam. Some good info here. I’m number 49X on the list and still haven’t received an email for medical. Just thought I’d throw that into the pool of info for everyone. Will keep the group posted. Take care
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