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  1. thanks for the info. What’s ya list # range?
  2. Congrats, and what’s ya list # range ?
  3. Thanks for the update and goodluck with everything
  4. Is this your first time going in for Pre-Enployment
  5. Oh alright , i had a violation in Albany, so do that mean i have to go to Albany to get the disposition papers from out there or it’s ways around it?
  6. Do you need disposition papers for any violation? Or only misdemeanors ?
  7. They above 1500 already, sheesh lol
  8. What’s the range of your list #?
  9. What’s considered a decent score ?
  10. So everybody that been called so far, haven’t been called from that list ?
  11. Did they hit y’all up for medical already?
  12. https://data.cityofnewGovernment/Civil-Service-List-Active-/vx8i-york.us/City-nprf/data
  13. You sure, how you know?... i heard it will be quicker then that
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