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  1. I wish they could just demolish and redesign the whole junction so that trains wouldn't interfere with each other so much. Just looking at it makes my brain hurt.
  2. Neither express trains stop here, but I use 4 Av/9 St ALL the time. Also Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts is very useful.
  3. I'm going to do my own cuz these are fun. from 207 to Chambers and from Nostrand (continues on express and turns at Lafayette) to Lefferts/Rockaways from 168 to Chambers and from Nostrand (switches to express and turns at Lafayette) to Euclid from 179 to York and from 4 Av to Coney from Court Square to Bedford/Nostrand
  4. An train derails between Jay St and Hoyt St. No trains can stop at or pass through IND Jay St, Hoyt St, and Bergen St. Reroute .
  5. from Atlantic Av to Brighton Beach from 205 St to Grand Av and from Pacific St to Coney from Ditmars via Tunnel to Coney from 96 St to Canal (bridge platforms) and from DeKalb Av to Coney suspended
  6. from 34 St to Grand Central and from 74 St to Main St from Coney, rerouted to 96 St from Whitehall St to 57 St/7 Av from Coney to 63 St/Lex and from Roosevelt Av to 179 St (Queens Blvd Exp) from WTC, rerouted via CPW to 145 St becomes brown again, but goes to 95 St instead from Roosevelt Av, rerouted to Jamaica Center (Queens Blvd Lcl)
  7. I think your idea is great but could Astoria take that much traffic? Also you’re basically wasting the track connection made specifically for connecting Broadway and Queens Blvd. riders would have to make unnecessary transfers to get onto Queens Blvd. Maybe reroute the or instead.
  8. A quick CBTC implementation question: I’ve seen CBTC signs (completely visible) at some IND Culver express station, probably 7th Av. Is there CBTC anywhere on Culver? I immediately thought there couldn’t be, 46s and 68s, but why the sign? Are they in the process of putting it in now? Thanks
  9. I still just don’t think open gangways are gonna work. They’re a great concept, but I feel like in reality, they will just allow smell to spread and cause problems.
  10. I think this swap is going very interestingly and I’m excited to see the results. Siemens on Queens Blvd will certainly be new. And the 46s on the , , , and will make for some great open cut and elevated shots! I just can’t believe that I will never see a 46 on the or ever again. I grew up with these and I’m just not ready for the end. These are my home lines and 46s have always been a vital part of them. So sad to see them go.
  11. Oh the 211s are going on the SIR? I guess it’s about time for those 44s to go like their NYCTA counterparts.
  12. I made a track map of Stamford, including the station, yard, and split to the New Canaan Branch. I used Google Maps satellite view, so there might be a few inaccuracies. I tried to identify which tracks were used and which weren’t. Point out if I made any mistakes, I’ll try to fix them. Just wanted to get my work out there for anyone who would need it. Link to the image (I’ll embed it later)
  14. Does anyone know when the first R40M/straight-ended R40A entered service? Also, what line did they first run on? I'm making a little documentary on R40s for my YouTube channel. I've looked all over the internet and I just can't find when, so please don't say Wikipedia has my answer.
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