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  1. Did anyone received notice about upcoming practical exam for car inspector 8607?
  2. Jar

    MTA Car Inspector Exam # 6612

    https://data.cityofnewyork.us/City-Government/Civil-Service-List-Active-/vx8i-nprf/data Search for 6612
  3. Jar

    MTA Car Inspector Exam # 6612

    I was looking at the city data and 400 people passed this time.
  4. Jar

    MTA Car Inspector Exam # 6612

    The list car out two months ago, how did everyone do?
  5. Jar

    Car inspector

    It’s crazy how they opened another car inspector exam before the previous list even came out. I guess just with any of these exams
  6. Jar

    Car inspector

    I think they will start calling maybe end of the year.
  7. Jar

    Car inspector

    Yeah, I took the exam first week of April too. They said 6-9 months. Will update when I get a response
  8. Congrats. So you got a message saying you are hired?
  9. I think the multiple choice exam and practical test is already over. I was wondering if anyone got any news yet? If not we can keep each other updated on this thread. Thanks


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