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  1. OverlyObsessed

    M-9 Discussion

    M9's are making there way Eastbound on the Mainline from Hillside, leaving now (2:05pm)
  2. OverlyObsessed

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    I just passed by a M7 with graffiti on it at Hillside support facility, can someone snap a pic?
  3. OverlyObsessed

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    I looked on the Transit museum's website and the section for Nostalgia Rides is empty, can we expect any trips before the Met's and Yankee's opening days?
  4. OverlyObsessed

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    What if they ran the Second Train on the I.R.T? Maybe the TOMC on the 7th ave line, like they did in 2004?
  5. OverlyObsessed

    Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    Uptown trains will not be stopping on the local platform at 59th Street, and will be skipping 51st St due to unknown reasons.
  6. OverlyObsessed

    M-9 Discussion

    What are the new test schedules for the M9's?
  7. OverlyObsessed

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    Great, Channel 11 News reported on the vintage train ride this week, expect more normies this Sunday and upcoming dates.
  8. OverlyObsessed

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    Yesterday's Excursion Trip to Yankee Stadium
  9. OverlyObsessed

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Yesterday's Excursion Trip
  10. OverlyObsessed

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    Tomorrow the IRT Lo-v’s will be going on an excursion trip from GCT to Yankee Stadium st 7:00pm
  11. OverlyObsessed

    M-9 Discussion

    Yeah, I just saw them the other day, i'm pretty sure it's the same route as the nightime testing was.
  12. OverlyObsessed

    M-9 Discussion

    Does anybody where the M9 Bumblebees are? Last time I heard of them they were still in Yonkers about a month ago.
  13. OverlyObsessed

    M-9 Discussion

    Notice: possible move of M9's to undisclosed location to due the M9's being spotted at Hillside being sandwiched with M7's as seen in the previous move to Babylon. If any railfans are out and about at night, hang around Hillside and see if a move will occur.
  14. OverlyObsessed

    M-9 Discussion

    Probably around 10:05 - 10:15 (just to be safe)
  15. OverlyObsessed

    M-9 Discussion

    In case anybody in these forums were wondering, the test schedules for the LIRR M9's are as follows: The M9's leave Hillside Support Facility at 10:00pm and depart to Jamaica The M9's arrive at Jamcia (Track 5) at 10:02pm and remain stationary until a clear track on the main line (Woodside - Jamaica) is available The train will then stop at Signal Bridge 30 and will uncouple 2 pairs of EMUs Single pair test trains will commence from Woodside to Kew Gardens Keep in mind this schedule is prone to change due to anything from derailments, faulty signals, weather, or late trains.


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