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  1. Does anyone know about parking when you drive to training?
  2. Can anyone please tell me how long do you get your Official uniform in training?
  3. You have nothing to worry about with your BMI that is not bad. I was over my BMI and I still got cleared for medical. My blood pressure was a lil high and I think that was cause I was worrying. Normally my blood pressure is good. So just be relaxed when you go to medical and know you got this. Good luck
  4. I got sworn in today In the high 12xx. When you go for Medical try and be relaxed. Good luck everyone
  5. It said New York City Conductor Schedule medical/Final processing. It was in my regular inbox.
  6. Thank you, you should be in soon
  7. Thanks and same to you, I go Friday
  8. I just checked my email. I got the Medical date to come in list 12xx
  9. What is your list number around in the 12xx.
  10. What number you are in in 12xx around cause I’m in the 12xx too. I’m Waiting to get the email. I just want to have a Idea
  11. Yes, I’m praying and congrats to you too
  12. I am praying and patiently waiting.
  13. Congrats and Thank you. That is great cause I’m in the 12xx

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