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  1. when did u pass sd test and how many people passed with u? How many people passed sd with u in feb? How many people passed with u in march? I would like to know if they even have enough people to fill up a class which is why im asking these questions? i would think there are also people who passed in 2018 and are still waiting to be placed in a class? Has anyone heard anything at all in regards to when the next class will be starting? I have heard fall, then i heard august, and now the latest im hearing is that they dont have enough people who passed sd test to fill up a class and therefor there will be no more classes this year. I really am hoping that this is just a rumor and is totally not the case. I have to believe there are at least 24 people who passed sd test dating back to fall/ winter 2018 plus all the people who passed in 2019 and are also waiting for a class to start. Anyone have any idea? Thank you for your time everyone.
  2. I can tell you that when i applied for A/C, the job posting closed on 2/23/18 and i received an email on 4/17/18 inviting me to the open house but it varies greatly as ironbound said.
  3. Hey Mikey23, im not sure if you know this or not, but everyone in our class knows who you are. You have no idea how much we are laughing at you. When your sitting by yourself during breaks and lunch, we are talking about how much we cant stand you. You can hide behind a bogus screen name all you want. It really wasnt that difficult finding out who you are. Dont you find it odd that absolutely no one in our entire class talks to you?? Do you even notice that fact? The only one who talks to you is the person you sit next to in class and thats because the person has no choice. What you dont know is that the person who sits next to you cant stand you either. Why would you want to continue working at a place where none of your co workers like you!??? Do everyone at LIRR a huge favor and quit.
  4. If you dont mind me asking, when did you pass the S&D test?
  5. Yup, thats exactly why my butt will be in the chair on feb 13 lol. Do you think that this feb class will be the last class for awhile?
  6. I thought this would be important to share in this thread... I am starting class 2/13/19. I called Linda up last week to ask her if it would be possible for me to be put into the next class instead of starting in the feb class. I told her the current situation i have going on which is why i was asking to be put into the next class. She totally sympathized with me but told me that there is a FREEZE and she has no idea when the next class will even be so i have to be in the feb class if i want the job. I only have a basic idea of what a freeze is. Can anyone shed some light on what a “Freeze” actually means? how long will the freeze last?
  7. I recieved an email from Linda on 1/24/19 saying i cleared medical. Then i received an email from michelle with the conditional offer letter on 1/25/19. So it was the very next day for me. I start class feb 13th
  8. Whats up Mlad... i passed my test July 16th. Not sure what that means for me? My first day of class is Feb 13th
  9. I took my medical this past friday 1/18/19 and this morning at 7:48am i received an email from Linda that i cleared my medical!!! Its official finallllyyyyyyy!!!!!! My official first day with LIRR is Feb 13th!!! BOOOOOOOOO YAAAAAAAA!!! Sooooooo EXCITED and SUPER stoked!!!
  10. Hey whats up man, i just finished the background check a few weeks ago.. Yes, you just reply to sterlings email and attach the requested documents. Sterling requested a w2 from me and all i did was take a pic of the w2, replied to their email, and attached the w2 and all was good.
  11. WOW!! You are some piece of work my friend! Ironhorse is a cool dude and he has helped so many people on this thread and thats how you talk to someone who was trying to HELP YOU!?!? I have news for you, NOONE cares about YOUR career which will be a very SHORT career at lirr with a personality and attitude like that lol. ps.... Dont forget it was YOU who came into this thread asking everyone for help with YOUR career and fd was nice enough to give you great advice which helped in getting you into the feb class! Start wising up!
  12. Everyones different let me first say that.. For me, i believe the definitions were much harder than signals. There are like roughly 4 or so different signals that all have the same meaning so it was easier for me. As for the definitions all of them have different meanings so its a lot of information to memorize. The best piece of advice i can give to you is you have to study EVERYTHING because the truth of the matter is that anyone of the definitions can be on your test and the same with signals. i highly doubt the signals that dont have any indication will be on the test but know them anyway. People will give you mixed answers for the cd. i found the cd to be absolutely useful and i did use it quite often when i had everything memorized because it will help you for when it comes test time and you have to write all your answers out on paper. i actually loved the cd. Lastly, i know it seems like a tremendous amount of information to memorize and the truth is that is really is a lot. The good news for you is that if you put in the time, you will absolutely memorize all of it. My guess is for the people who fail which is many many people, they are the ones who try to find short cuts to studying when there are no short cuts. They do not put the necassary time in so they fail. If you study hard and put the HOURS and weeks in, i PROMISE you that you will pass the test. I wish you the best of luck! You have such a wonderful oppertunity!!!! DO NOT LET IT SLIP THROUGH YOUR HANDS! PUT THE TIME IN!
  13. Without a doubt, you will have a zone a signal or two on your test. I know the zone a signals throw a monkey wrench into everything but as long as you put the time in to study everything, you will be fine. There are no shortcuts when studying, if u get one signal name wrong on your test you fail the entire test. Good luck to you. Its such a great feeling when you find out that you passed the test.
  14. I also passed in july and i am scheduled for class in february. People who are scheduled for feb class were emailed to start the background check exactly one week after the people who are in jan class recieved their background check email. So i know for sure 100% that there is a class starting in jan and there is a class starting in feb. My guess is if you have yet to recieve an email to fill out your background check that you will probably be in the very next class AFTER the feb class. I do not believe there is a class scheduled yet that starts after the feb class. i hope this helps you Mikey23
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